Parking along CR 8 (on way to Kite Lake)

Information on current and past 14er closures, usually due to private property issues.
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Parking along CR 8 (on way to Kite Lake)

Post by intotheforestigo »

Forgive my ignorance asking this question but assuming that the decalibron loop remains open after the legislative session (fingers crossed!), I want to make sure I do no accidentally trespass on private property. I am nervous about CR 8 all the way to Kite Lake. I understand it gets a little rougher as you get closer to the TH.Is it legal to pull off somewhere along CR 8 and park there if needed or if there is no available parking at the TH?

Thanks for any input!
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Re: Parking along CR 8 (on way to Kite Lake)

Post by madmattd »

There's an area ~1/4mi or so below the main lot (at the start of the final switchbacks) that a lot of folks park at. Above that is the worst part of the road, it's usually pretty decent up to there. A good chunk of the road below the gate (~1mi from the TH) crosses in and out of private land so it's a little nebulous where is legal to park.
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