Borah Peak (Idaho) Conditions

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Re: Borah Peak (Idaho) Conditions

Post by FireOnTheMountain »

^It'll be dry, or very nearly dry, dude.
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Re: Borah Peak (Idaho) Conditions

Post by Chipmunk »

Hiking it tomorrow. Beta I have from 6 days ago indicates there's still snow on the standard route (ridge direct is dry) and knife edge. Planning on bringing crampons and axe.
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The Android
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Re: Borah Peak (Idaho) Conditions

Post by The Android »

It's a dry range, and would normally be very dry by now, but had lots of late season snow this year. Possibly some snow above chicken out ridge as of a few days ago? Should be melting fast, upper 80s or low 90s regularly in E. Idaho valleys.

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Re: Borah Peak (Idaho) Conditions

Post by climbingcue »

Borah was a fun hike today, happy we brought our ice axe and crampons. We used the crampons to cross dome steep snowfields on the way up. Then on the way down we just stuck to the dry ridge. I think many people underestimate that peak. We saw 12 of the 14 people we passed in the morning turn around at the snow bridge. Three others made the summit before us. Then we saw another 5 going up past the snow bridge. So it can be done without an ice axe, but it is light enough and I like living do I used mine.
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