Peak:  Mt. Princeton (14er)
 Route:  Winter Route over Tigger
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Mickeys Grenade
 Date of Info:  02/04/2012
 Date Posted:  02/05/2012

I climbed Mt. Princeton on Saturday. I left the Mt. Princeton Road at about 11,000 feet just before the road turns to the right. I put in a trench along the ridge to 11,800. This helps to avoid the avalanche section that the road above 11,ooo takes you into. It took 13 hours to summit and 7 hours to get back to the car. I broke trail the whole way with no help. Snowshoes and microspikes were very useful. Don't be tempted to leave the saddle between Tigger and Princeton on the return trip. It is best to follow your tracks back to the summit of Tigger. There are some steep snow covered talus sections on the descent of Tigger. Going up with microspikes was not a problem. However, on the descent it was dangerous. I had two falls.

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 Comments or Questions

13hrs to summit!?!?
02/06/2012 14:57
And 7hrs to descend? So a total trip time of 20hrs? Is that what you meant?

Mickeys Grenade

20 hours round trip
02/06/2012 16:26
Yes, 20 hours round trip. 13 up and 7 down. I started at 2:00 a.m. and got back at 10:00 p.m.


RT Time
02/06/2012 17:05
Can you elaborate on your RT time? Was the reason for the 20 hour total primarily because of the trail-breaking, or were there other factors that contributed to the length? I'm hoping to give this peak a go in the next few weeks and would love to know what to expect as I haven't been up Princeton before.

Mickeys Grenade

RT Time
02/06/2012 17:31
It took me 7 hours from the car to just above treeline including time spent melting snow with my jet-boil. The most difficult part was breaking trail between 11 and 12,000 feet. I'm not a fast climber. Probably moderate at best. If there is part of a trench left to treeline and you are a moderate to fast climber, you will be able to cut down the time significantly. It was a very difficult climb for me and I'm sure that added a lot of time.


Princeton's a beast (in winter)
02/06/2012 23:18
A buddy and I attempted Princeton Jan. 2 of this year. Busted our own trail also, started at the very bottom, 8 hours to Tigger Pt, called it due to exhaustion. Got skunked two months prior from Grouse Canyon, made it to the point just below 14000 on that side and weather turned us back. Approx. 8500 on Princeton and no summit

I Man

Well done!!
06/20/2012 13:38
Thanks for the beta. I am trying to finish off my winter list of Collegiate Peaks this season...only Princeton and Harvard left. 20 hrs sounds like a nice and healthy winter day to me! Viva La Winter!!!

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