Peak:  North Arapaho Peak (13er)
 Route:  Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  jchapell
 Date of Info:  07/13/2019
 Date Posted:  07/15/2019

Just adding some photos to prior reports. We made it up past the lower trail with just barely wet toes after some careful rock hopping and trekking pole balancing acts, but there is a ton of water. Upper mountain and the S-N Traverse is essentially summer conditions. On the descent our feet got soaked since we didn't care, bring extra socks.

Photos (click for slideshow):

Comments or Questions

Skywalker conditions?
07/15/2019 20:04
Did you get a look at Skywalker couloir? The most recent Skywalker reports are over a month old so I'd guess it's not in anymore, but if you have more recent info that would be awesome!


07/16/2019 11:35
Yes - I actually did take a couple pictures on it, they're on my computer at home, I'll tr and ad them tonight. The upper 5% or so is melted out, but there may be exits to the climbers left (if I remember correctly). I'll try and add them tonight.


07/16/2019 13:17
Sounds good, thanks for the beta!

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