Peak:  Torreys Peak (14er)
 Route:  Emperor Couloir
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  jmanner
 Date of Info:  05/21/2020
 Date Posted:  05/21/2020

Emperor is still pretty in, skied it today with the direct entry, the choke out of that is starting to melt out though. Skins, weren't really necessary, you could just save the weight and boot the whole thing, I ended up skining maybe only 1 mile. Dead Dog and the East face looked really good from the summit. I was able to ski through the trees down to 10,700' and avoid two creek crossings. Photo 1: looking down from the summit towards DD 2: the choke out of the direct variation. 3: the whole line.

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Comments or Questions

05/21/2020 16:04
Happen to get an eyes on Tuning Fork? Thanks!

Tuning Fork
05/21/2020 20:03
Skied the lookers right fork at 3:45PM. Snow to within ~100ft of the ridge. Rock hard upper 2/3rds, skied nicely in the bottom 1/3rd.

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