Peak:  Torreys Peak (14er)
 Route:  Kelso Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  badams
 Date of Info:  05/31/2020
 Date Posted:  06/01/2020

Pics tell the story. Still several spots of snow in the willows on the way to the Grays/Kelso trail junction. This is icy and unfun in the morning, and slushy/posthole prone in the afternoon sun.

On Kelso Ridge itself, not a whole lot of snow except for on the E/SE side of the knife edge and one or two spots before that (totally avoidable except on the knife). It was receded from the tip of the knife edge and was sturdy enough at approximately 8am that we felt comfortable putting a boot on it (with three other points of contact, of course). The last ~50-75ft of elevation past the knife edge had snow and was really the only place I put spikes on, but at ~8:10am I could have booted it fine so strictly speaking spikes/crampons are not needed.

NOTE: we did see signs of many wet slides on the Grays/Torrey basin, especially E and SE aspects. A goat (presumably) also sent several large rocks down Dead Dog couloir when we were nearing the end of Kelso, so take caution. Also saw two small wet slides around 10am on the E/SE aspect neighboring Dead Dog. Several people skied Tuning Fork (North aspect), but your mileage may vary and read up on it.

The trail down from the saddle had snow up high on the N/NE face of Grays in several spots. Again spikes would help here, but I'd taken them off and was doing fine in my boots.

Image 1: pic of the valley from camp
Image 2: postholing at 6am, fun fun
Image 4: a view of Kelso nearing the trail turnoff
Image 5: looking back at first third of Kelso ridge
Image 6: more of the ridge, just giving ya an idea that it's mostly dry
Image 7: the final summit push has snow. and goats.
Image 8, 9: the knife edge itself.

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