Peak:  Torreys Peak (14er)
 Route:  Kelso Ridge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Cruiser
 Date of Info:  06/14/2020
 Date Posted:  06/14/2020

A little accumulation last night left the upper portion of the route a bit slick in places (especially the white rock) but generally it was in summer condition with the exception of one snow field lingering just below the summit. Fortunately that one is low angle and reasonably well tracked so I didn't bother to put my microspikes on. I was on top about 8:30 and the wind was really kicking up. From the knife edge to the saddle with Grays I was nervous about being knocked off my feet by the wind.

Dead dog still looked fat to me! Go get it kids!

Comments or Questions
06/14/2020 14:22
You must have been the lone climber on the ridge with me this morning. Great route.


06/14/2020 19:58
I think you beat me up there as I didn't leave the car until almost 7. But I'm easy to spot cuz I've got the fire engine red shorts. If you have any pics of me acting ridiculous please pm them!

Yeah, I think Kelso ridge has got to be the single best bang for your buck 14er route out there (at least for us sad front rangers). Easy drive and approach, engaging scrabbling on good rock with very little real route finding, and a cruiser descent route.


West Ridge Beta
06/15/2020 09:59
Did you happen to look at Torreys west ridge to Loveland pass and get a sense of snow coverage along the ridge? I prefer that route to be mostly dry, otherwise it will take a lot longer.


Too breezy...
06/15/2020 10:16
No, sorry. Checked my pics and didn't have anything helpful. The wind was pushing so hard up high that I really had to keep my head down. So I didn't get a good look at the west side from the summit.

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