Peak:  Mt. Evans (14er)
 Route:  Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  SARAH342
 Date of Info:  08/16/2020
 Date Posted:  08/16/2020

Hey all! Couple things my group wanted to share from today:

1. Glenwood Canyon smoke. Depending on the wind, it can definitely affect your hike up Bierstadt so just be cautious, made it difficult to breathe at times and had two peeps in my group's eyes watering. That being said, Bierstadt is pie and impossible to lose the trail.

2. the Sawtooth is loads of fun! multiple ways to go across. Low trail requires less class III moves, upper more. The pictures make it look scary and technical and it's not. There is some exposure, but definitely an easy Class III. Wear a helmet though just in case!

3. Evans has some false summits. Don't be a dumba** like me and try to go straight up what you think is the peak. It was exhausting and unfruitful. Take the low trail and wrap around the base of the summit until you can see the observatory buildings and paved road. The trail can be hard to follow at times so look out for Cairns.

4. Descending was...confusing at best. We could NOT find the trail coming down Evans to descend on the East slope. We wandered around as the GPS mysteriously showed that we were standing right on the trail that we still couldn't see? Best bet, cut ALL the way right on the way down which will bring you to the entrance chute descending the gully. That trail, thankfully, stuck out.

5. The gully sucks. It's steep, it's rocky, it's got scree, it lasts forever. There was ankle rolling and falling on pricker plants. Bring poles to help if you can, but be prepared to hate that section.

6. "The Willows" are overgrown, but easy to navigate. Not sure why they are notorious? Made us think of Peter Rabbit or Secret Garden. Oh yeah, some reoccurring squelchy mud sections that are not avoidable.

Have fun!

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