Peak:  Longs Peak (14er)
 Route:  Keyhole Route
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  NathanRL
 Date of Info:  10/09/2020
 Date Posted:  10/09/2020

There are little bits of snow in the trough, but barely worth thinking about.

The smoke from the fires definitely felt worst from about 10k-12k ft; I'd guess the AQI was 80. Hopefully Sunday's storm helps put out the fires.

At 8 AM, we got to the Keyhole, and OpenSummit said the winds were 25 mph with gusts of 36 mph, and the forecast was for it to stay that way. Standing in the Keyhole, the winds were blistering, and we debated alongside 4 other groups whether to turn back. We said it'd be scary to be on the Narrows in winds like this. I believe they all turned back. We continued on, and, after we had about 50 feet of distance between us and the Keyhole, the winds were gone, and they were no problem the rest of the way. Anyway, don't judge the wind based off of the Keyhole!

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