Peak:  Mt. Antero (14er)
 Route:  West Rib (Winter Route)
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  supranihilest
 Date of Info:  11/13/2020
 Date Posted:  11/13/2020

There are several very large ice patches on the road 4WD - we were only able to drive about half a mile up before the ice stopped us. From our parking spot we wore microspikes for the entirety of the road as it was icy, snowy, and the creek crossings also icy. At treeline we took the west rib, which is just to climber's left at treeline. We took our spikes off here and just booted up it. There's some tundra and a lot of loose talus and other assorted annoying junk to climb up. Near the top we went left through what appears to be a mine or something, which is new as of this year. The summit ridge was quite snowy but Class 2+ at worst and only very briefly. Whether you take the trail around the side or the ridge direct there's going to be snow. We went over to Mount White afterwards, but for the descent we wore our microspikes down the tundra on the west rib. It was/is snowy and a slip might be difficult to stop. Snowshoes not needed (though tomorrow's storm may change that; hopefully our trench stays in place), ice axe not necessary, microspikes useful for the icy road and ascent/descent of the rib.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1) Antero from partway up the rib.#2) Trail that saves the full to the point SW of Antero.#3) Antero’s summit ridge.

 Comments or Questions

thanks for da trench supran
11/13/2020 20:34
i'll bag Cronin next week now xD

Ryan M
Antero road
11/16/2020 11:28
did you get 1/2 mile up from the 2wd trailhead? were you using a 4wd vehicle? just curious the chances of getting closer to the 4wd trailhead with an SUV. thanks!


11/21/2020 22:03
@Ryan M: Yep, about 1/2 mile up from the 2WD/4WD junction. We were in a Tacoma. I'd imagine with very little snow this past week the road is a pure sheet of ice by now.

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