Peak:  Longs Peak (14er)
 Route:  Keyhole Route
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Micaiah
 Date of Info:  11/25/2020
 Date Posted:  11/25/2020

Took all the shortcuts on the way up. All traveled well, aside from the Lightning Bridge shortcut. That was a slog, not recommended. Had to jump the creek.

The trough involved some suffering. Deep snow, some pockets were chest deep going uphill. Lots of snow on the ledges, narrows and home stretch. Ice forming from sun melt today. Wind was intense, building thru the afternoon. Made coming down more exciting than typical. Got rolled a few times in the Boulder Field. Crawled thu the Keyhole. I've not felt wind like that before, ever.

Comments or Questions

11/25/2020 21:01
The wind on Meeker today was wrapping through iron gates all the way to main summit. Came back down and had to re-trench toward treeline lol


What gear did you use?
11/26/2020 08:46
Nice! I've been looking for a recent Longs report! Did you use snowshoes, crampons, ice ax, or micro spikes? Or any condition pictures you can share? Thanks!
I'm going for it on Saturday as my 58th and FINAL 14er! : )


11/26/2020 11:05
CaptCO, I had the same experience. Had to break trail again on the way down.

Redhead, I suggest crampons and ice axe. Don't bother with flotation. Lots of trap doors in the Boulder Field. Expect to wallow in snow on the ledges and up the Trough, hope you have someone to swap trail breaking with. Homestretch was more snow than ice yesterday, but a few days of sunlight will likely make ice. I didn't take many conditions photos, but here's a link to a few I uploaded:
If your group has technical roped climbing ability, the Cables Route would be less effort and probably safer too right now.

Congrats on having the finish in sight. Don't be afraid to turn around if things aren't right. The mountain will be there.


To Boulder Field
11/26/2020 16:51
Thanks for the info. What were conditions like up to the boulder field?


To Boulder Field
11/26/2020 17:20
Nothing notable. Main trail snowpacked. Shortcuts snow covered, no flotation needed


11/26/2020 18:04

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