Peak:  Longs Peak (14er)
 Route:  Keyhole Route
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  bangerth
 Date of Info:  12/20/2020
 Date Posted:  12/20/2020

I can only speak to the part of the route that goes from the trailhead to granite pass -- we turned around about halfway between treeline and the chasm junction, and to granite pass was all I could see.

The trail from trailhead to treeline is hardpacked with just the occasional bit of windblown powder. No flotation is needed, spikes were useful but not mandatory. From treeline to granite pass, the ground is covered to about 1/3 by snow, but the rest is bare. Spikes are likely not useful, but we kept them on nonetheless. We only made it about 3/4 mile from treeline, but the rest of the way to granite pass looked the same.

If the weather is like today, I would strongly suggest to take a 100 lb weight vest with you, though: It might actually prevent you from being blown over when above treeline.

Separately: Mount Lady Washington's east face is also mostly bare. There is definitely no avalanche danger, and if MLW is your target, just head up straight from Chasm Junction.

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Much thanks
12/21/2020 13:23
I've been considering LadyWashington and this gives me just the push I needed!

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