Peak:  Pikes Peak (14er)
 Route:  East Slopes
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  headsizeburrito
 Date of Info:  01/21/2021
 Date Posted:  01/21/2021

Pikes Peak via Barr Trail. First three miles mostly bare, a few slippery patches of ice here and there. Put spikes on about 8700'. From there consistent snow, but well packed up to Barr Camp. Barr Camp to Timberline Shelter was less packed and softer, slows you down a little but not an issue. Timberline Shelter to summit had patchy snow. The big upper switchbacks had a couple short sloped sections that were very firm and a little sketchy to cross on spikes but could mostly be avoided.

I had originally planned to do Pikes via NW slope, but in the username inspiration thread Monte Meals told me there was a place in Colorado Springs with giant burritos (Alfonsos), so I had to do Barr instead to go there afterwards. I didn't eat enough on the hike to save room. Of course when I got there they told me it wasn't on the menu anymore. Only after ordering did I notice they had different extra large burrito, the "Don Poncho". It's probably smaller than the former "El Gordito" but I'll have to go back and try it. Maybe I'll just do a few laps on the Incline though, not sure I want to hike that far to end up at a construction site again for a bit.

Had great weather for a first calendar winter summit.

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01/22/2021 01:49
That is a damn beautiful burrito. Congrats on the summit as well


01/22/2021 20:12
It's their "Monster Burrito" which was only on the large side of average but included chile rellenos inside, a burrito innovation I wasn't previously aware of but am now a big fan of. Very good overall.

Probably won't be back to the Pikes summit until I can at least get a donut, but looking at the Incline soon. Apparently you need reservations, wtf. Incline opens at 6am but the Mexican place doesn't open until 7, there goes my plan for a pre-Incline breakfast burrito if I want to get a full day in!


Incline reservations
01/24/2021 14:55
Getting a reservation at this time of year is pretty simple and not hard to make one with a couple of days in advance.
Incremental 30 minutes per registration blocks.
You could always get your burrito before going to the incline, just schedule your incline ascent at 8am or so.

And furthermore, once you're registered and on the incline, you can do laps or extend your day easily by going higher than the incline. Eg., Mt Manitou, Ute Indian trail, Longs Ranch Rd, Barr, Experimental Forest to Hurricane Canyon/French Cr trail, etc.
Plenty of opportunities for a full day off the incline, even if starting a little later.


01/24/2021 21:49
Yeah, the reservation system doesn't seem hard, just totally unnecessary for a weekday in winter when practically nobody is there, you have to meet somebody and get a wristband! The Incline apparently closes at 3pm (guess they turn the stairs off) so I feel like if I'm going to jump through the hoops I should maximize my time since I probably won't want to go back once it gets crowded later in the year. Might get down there on Thursday, we'll see how it works out.


No wristband
01/25/2021 07:31
At incline check-in, at base of incline, attendants will ask for your name (from your res) and will ask where you parked.
Then you're checked in and good to go.
This reservation system is due to Manitou and residents of Ruxton Ave, trying to keep some of the heavy traffic down.
The system is ran by Co Springs Park & Rec.

It was started in the summer 2020, and to keep continuity and consistency with new system, they had to do this year round.


01/25/2021 15:46
Thanks for the info. I can certainly understand the parking concerns for the locals.

Maybe the wristband thing has changed, here is what it says:

"Reservations are open seven days in advance. Be sure to bring your confirmation, either on your phone or printed. City of Colorado Springs Parks‘ staff will greet you and check you in at the base of the Incline. You will be issued a wristband, which must be worn the entire time you are on the Incline. "


haven't seen wristbands
01/25/2021 15:51
I haven't seen them, so maybe they've stopped that. I also haven't brought a confirmation with me either, and hasn't been an issue. Not to say it's not a bad idea to have proof of it on your phone, but I haven't been asked for it. I've been going several times a week for the last 2 months.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy your incline ascent(s) when/if you go! Bring spikes, more so for the way down. Going up without isn't generally a problem.

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