Peak:  Longs Peak (14er)
 Route:  Glacier Gorge
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Will_E
 Date of Info:  01/22/2021
 Date Posted:  01/22/2021

Summitted Longs today from Glacier Gorge. The trench to Black Lake wasn't hard to follow, and is now refreshed. Ran into a skier at Black Lake that helped improve it as well. From Black Lake I stayed in snowshoes until reaching the bottom of the trough. Going up the trough/narrows I didn't use any traction, but there was enough snow and ice on the homestretch that I used crampons, and left them on all the way to the bottom of the trough.

Photos (click for slideshow):
#1#2#3) Black Lake#4) The trough#5#6#7) Just beyond Black Lake#8) The trough#9) The trough#10) The trough#11) The trough from the top.#12) The Narrows#13) The Narrows#14

Comments or Questions

01/23/2021 13:23
Happen to remember if there was any water flowing around 9500'?

Great pictures. Congrats on a successful summit.


Real nice job
01/23/2021 13:53
What else can I say?

Excellent report
01/23/2021 15:48
Great report with wonderful photographs. That certainly is a nice mountain.


01/23/2021 16:35
Talking about running water? No, everything I came across was frozen.

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