Peak:  Mt. Bierstadt (14er)
 Route:  West Slopes
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  soccern23ny
 Date of Info:  03/20/2021
 Date Posted:  03/20/2021

Snow on road mostly packed, no traction or flotation needed.

Snow from summer trailhead to summit almost entirely needing snowshoes or flotation. Not a skier but you can probably ski from summit to parking lot. Willows very difficult at times in the afternoon. Even with snowshoes I was post holing waist deep in spots even in the trenched out areas.

Comments or Questions

A couple notes
03/20/2021 21:45
I also climbed Bierstadt today so I agree with most everything, a couple notes though:
1. The road trench got obliterated by snowmobilers, so flotation for that might be wise.
2. A guy from CFI was digging a trench on the correct trail, so avoid taking shortcuts or leaving the trail if possible. Not sure how high up he went though. The trench isn't on the real trail unfortunately.
3. Lots of postholing, true! Probably saw you today, glad you made it down safely.


Also was up there yesterday
03/21/2021 12:58
Agreed on the postholing, even with flotation. Pretty much a mandatory to have them on to the summit right now.

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