Peak:  Mt. Bierstadt (14er)
 Route:  West Slopes
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  jakethesnake_630
 Date of Info:  04/03/2021
 Date Posted:  04/03/2021

Bierstadt ski descent is IN, however there is a little routefinding to be done to connect all of the snowfields. Given the warm temps I am guessing only a few days remain to ski this until another storm.

Apologies, I took almost no photos. The whole way up I was questioning whether there would be enough snow, but there is Hopefully this is helpful.

Comments or Questions

From the summit
04/03/2021 15:48
Zach and I skied it from the summit after ya‘ll left. Kept my skis on the entire way. I *may* put up a TR for fun.


It wasn’t pretty
04/03/2021 18:15
But it happened.


04/05/2021 08:37
Dope! I def didn't think anyone would be skiing from the summit on Sat..

@bergsteigen I'm checking out your website now.. it's amazing!


Counting it
04/13/2021 10:24
For a peak to be skied, it must be skied off the summit, otherwise it is called skiing on a peak. No little skier icon in checklist ;) I have gotten this peak in powder, but I have also skied it in worse conditions. All off the summit.

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