Peak:  James Peak (13er)
 Route:  shooting star
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  Monster5
 Date of Info:  06/18/2014
 Date Posted:  06/18/2014

Hit the base at 11pm. Firm to mid foot punching all the way up. A few runnels, no rock fall issues though debris present. Bergschrund-like feature was a bit soft and tricky to find purchase - bypassable. No snowshoes. Std route was a mix of tundra and sun-cupped snow fields to St Mary's Glacier.

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06/19/2014 04:20
Transverse tension crack at the top of a snowfield. Couloir sustained 40s down low, 50s up high, and maxes around 60 at the moment. Optional cornice topouts with a good freeze. We dropped from the st marys slopes around 11500 ish to the lake. 12500 flank may be better

Nat - we have to fit in coulies somehow. Boggy and I were considering one of the Spalding routes next week. I know you want to join.


06/19/2014 13:51

Brian C

06/19/2014 21:40
There's no glaciers in Colorado! Rabble Rabble.

PS - What's with the night climbing??? Let's get snow season over with so we do some alpine rock!


Yeah yeah
06/19/2014 22:24
Stick to your music. Leave geology to geologists. I'm claiming it as a new Glacier, named after me

Kasparov, Mohling, Sharkstooth, Petite... Speaking of which, I'll probably send you a text for next Thurs plans. Maybe Weds too. Ypsilon Y couloir E branch looks nice, minus the cornice.

Brian C

06/19/2014 22:27
I'm totally free next Thursday and would like to do something. Let me know!


you now
04/02/2015 19:45
climb at night too?

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