Peak:  James Peak (13er)
 Route:  Standard
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  eskermo
 Date of Info:  05/16/2015
 Date Posted:  05/18/2015

Adding to JtheChemE's report from a few days ago... James is still caked and looking great. Snow is on and off until the lake, then completely covered and skinnable from the base of the glacier to the summit. Snow was supportive in the morning with a fresh half inch of snow on top, making for great skinning.

I turned around near ~12,300' and rode down to the lake on great snow. I cannot speak to the upper 1,000' of the mountain, but I would assume a summit ski is IN.

One piece of advice I didn't consider until riding down: I would suggest starting this peak EARLY if the weather anticipates any sun coming out and warming of the snow. The long, mostly flat tundra that you have to cross between the top of St. Mary's Glacier and the slopes heading up to the summit is JUST enough of an incline that you can piece together a continuous line that will maintain your speed across the flats. However, the only reason I didn't get stuck is because there were small patches where the snow was still hard and crusty, and I was able to maintain/pick up some speed on these sections. If one were to allow the snow to heat up too much, I would imagine the traverse across the tundra being miserable and super slow.

Thanks to JtheChemE for posting the conditions report a few days earlier! I wouldn't have gone up otherwise.

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