Peak:  Grizzly Peak D (13er)
 Route:  Grizzly and Cupid from Loveland Pass
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  CreekRunner
 Date of Info:  03/28/2016
 Date Posted:  03/28/2016

Starting from Loveland Pass, there is boot high snow. I didn't put on snowshoes/skis, but they may be useful if you don't want to deal with even the most minor sinking through. There is barely any snow from the junction point to Cupid, only in the usual final broad point before the summit. The remainder of the hike going down Cupid toward Grizzly is where microspikes are needed. This being my first time going from Cupid to Grizzly, I was a bit intimidated by the drop down the saddle and the illusion of Grizzly looking near vertical, and once at the most technical part of the hike, prior to the saddle, I decided to go west around the little spiky bit, not trying to test if the eastern way was a deep snow drift. Once at the saddle, it was smooth sailing to the top of Grizzly. The way back is a bit tiring, but thankfully the wind died down and transitioned from stinging snow-in-the-face cold to a pleasantly warm day.

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