Mt. Lincoln  
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Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2021-04-10, By: Jennanney82
Info: Completely dry road up to where you park (1.7 miles from TH). Booted it on the road and up Bross and over to Lincoln. Put Spikes on after Cameron heading towards the saddle and used them up and down Democrat. There was no need for snowshoes in my opinion and we did no postholing on the walk out. Very windy day but beautiful and totally worth it. Get after it! And don't forget, it's calendar Spring lol 
Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2021-04-01, By: Araujo38
Info: Ulyana and I were able to drive to 11,180' on the road to Kite lake on our Jeep Cherokee. Any high clearance 4x4 should have no trouble making it to that spot. Round trip from this spot to the summit of Lincoln and back was just under 10 miles. It was 1.8 miles snowshoeing to Kite Lake. Snow conditions were excellent all day. We broke trail all day but there were only a few spots where we sunk more than 6 inches or so. We used Snowshoes up to 13,600' on Cameron/Lincoln's west ridge and then just hiked the rest of the way in mountaineering boots. The ridge is pretty nicely wind blown above 13,600' so it goes nicely without too much effort. Avalanche danger seemed minimal today on our route. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2021-03-07, By: shapovalovm
Info: The whole Decalibron is pretty well-packet, no snowshoes needed. Used spikes for descent. Bross barely has any snow, so we went down a summer trail. The road is almost dry till about 1.5 away from Kite Lake. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2021-03-04, By: Clint the climber
Info: Did the entire Decalibron Loop + South Bross on Tuesday. Booted the road. Beyond the bathrooms at the summer trailhead, there wasn't much snow. Never used microspikes or floatation although some may find microspikes helpful on Democrat. 12 miles rt. 
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Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2021-01-11, By: daway8
Info: Echoing Geo's report and adding pictures: there will never be an easier set of snowflakes than what this hike is at this particular moment - road is open and almost dry 2 miles past the normal winter closure, gets you to within 1.1mi of the summer trailhead. Conditions so mellow it almost doesn't seem fair to count as snowflakes. Went up Bross which is MUCH, MUCH better than going down. Shocked at how little wind there was. Had been -1F at the trailhead when we started at 5:45am but 36F when we finished at 2:03pm (felt more like 86F at that point). NOW is the time to get Decalibron if you want some "easy" winter summits. Almost no avy danger at the moment due to very little snow - the few slightly suspect patches around Democrat are trivial to avoid. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-11-27, By: brauda02
Info: Climbed the DeCaLiBron today. The gate is closed, but the road is clear up to Kite Lake. There are pockets of 1-2ft snow drifts throughout the loop. The most snow is on Democrat. I did not use snowshoes or microspikes, and I only took my ice axe out on one firm traverse under Cameron. My friends did the entire loop in trail runners today. Not recommended lol. 
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Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-10-20, By: pucksandpeaks
Info: Windy whoooooosh! Hiked from 11am - 5:15pm. Hiking on a Monday meant I only encountered three other parties all day (though I started late). Trails were completely dry. The wind blew pretty much all day and was strongest on the summits of Cameron and Bross as well as the ridge from Cameron/Lincoln to Bross. Whoever helped build the rock wind shelter on Bross gets a cookie. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-10-18, By: olyayaya
Info: Extremely windy- gusts of 55-75mph. I got knocked off my feet on the ridge to Lincoln. Did not make it to the top as the wind kept knocking me down top the ground. Very unsafe. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-10-12, By: mattdecoste
Info: Trail from Kite Lake was 100% dry, no snow or ice. Road up to Kite Lake was confirmed rough 2WD. I saw a Honda Odyssey at the top but amazed it made it. Standard trail up to saddle and then up to summit of Mt Lincoln 100% dry. Very few, small ice/snow patches on north side and in shaded areas. Similar conditions (100% dry) on Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-09-19, By: thebeave7
Info: Patches of snow in shaded areas and on the north facing areas near the summit. Not a problem getting through them in the evening without traction. Just step carefully. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-09-17, By: lauradaughtry
Info: *NOTE: I did not climb/summit Democrat, so I can't entirely say what the condition of it was beyond the saddle connecting it to Cameron* Got to the trailhead at 7am (on a Thursday) and the lot was mostly full. Other than a few patches of packed down snow near the summits, the trail was completely melted of snow. Microspikes aren't needed at all; but trekking poles, snow or no snow, are invaluable for the descent down Bross. Clear day with light wind, but low visibility due to the wildfires. Sadly, I saw a lot of people not keeping to the trail. (This shouldn't be an excuse as the trail was in great condition and is very well marked/visible.) People contributed it to not using a map/AllTrails, etc. or the trail appearing "less easy" than the eroded pathways nearby. I even saw some people descend down the iron/ore section up to the summit, which is NO WHERE near the trail. Please, PLEASE stick to the marked trail! The fragile environment thanks you for it! 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-09-12, By: Tlee86
Info: Arrived at the trailhead at 11am, parked right up front (lots of people had cleared out at that point). Lots of slush on the trail but at that point in the day the route was hard to lose. Gaiters, crampons and poles would be helpful. The descent from Bross was a bit slippery but doable. 50's at the base of the trailhead cooler up top. Wasn't windy today, great hike! 
Route: Lincoln Amphitheatre
Posted On: 2020-09-12, By: SamWerner
Info: Lincoln Amphitheatre (NOT the standard route from Kite Lake): First: This was a lot of fun, I'm very glad I went up. That said, there are a couple inches of snow, up to thigh deep in some spots. The route is not obvious with the snow cover, especially because there are lots of sets of footprints headed the wrong way (including mine & my friend's). We got up to the top of the fun (hard) part and turned around because we'd both summited Lincoln before and we didn't really want to wait around for the snowmelt to make the trail even muddier. I would strongly recommend solid class 3 climbing skills, as well as waterproof boots, spikes, and gaiters. There was a short avoidable glissade, so I didn't feel like my ice axe was necessary. Note that temps are rising in the area, so this report will probably be out of date in a few days as the snow melts. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-09-05, By: kingshimmers
Info: Smoke is gone - had a beautiful day with no wind. Route is dry. Starting to get some fall color up in there. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-08-22, By: Eli Watson
Info: Posting for smoke conditions on DeCaLiBro > "S Bross": The air was pretty bad this morning. My eyes were watering upon arriving at Kite Lake after pedalling/hike-a-biking from Paris Mill. Other hikers had to stop to cough consistently. By the time I reached the Democrat-Cameron saddle my throat was raw. The air quality improved considerably after noon, especially on the Bross side of the loop and the haze in front of Democrat had noticeably lessened. By the time I was back down to Kite Lake, the air was much better than it had been that morning. Less than 10 min spent on all 3-5 summits combined (depending on how you count), since I didn't feel inclined to spend much time up there. Splits for reference: Paris Mill 8:48 AM Kite Lake TH 9:30 AM Democrat-Cameron saddle 10:10 AM Democrat summit 10:30 AM Democrat-Cameron saddle 10:50 AM Cameron summit 11:19 AM Lincoln summit 11:32 AM Bross summit 12:02 PM "S Bross" summit 12:15 PM Bross trail junction 12:36 PM Kite Lake TH 1:16 PM Paris Mill 1:30 PM To avoid clutter with a bunch of the same photos, see my Democrat report for pics. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-08-02, By: MTBen
Info: The road is very rough for the last mile, if you aren't sure if your car can handle a rough road, park before this section, it could save you a lot of trouble. The trail is very nice and easy to follow. get started early to avoid crowds. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2020-08-01, By: ZagThisZagThat
Info: Perfect conditions! I was the only one on the trail, not even a car in the "lot". Clear blue sky and light winds. Saw a few deer, one marmot and some wildflowers. Started just after 8 and was done by 10 30. Brought a jacket but didn't need it. Ran into the hoard of hikers once I got to the top of Lincoln. The trail is a mining access road and pretty easy to follow for the first half. There are multiple forks starting around 13,000. I think they all lead to the top, but I always picked the steeper, more straightforward routes. Trail gets tough to discern after the "chain", but I just picked a line towards the summit and followed it. Once you get close to the summit, there is a narrow but well-defined trail around the peak that connects to the Decalibron trail. First ever 14er trail run in HOKA Torrent 2 shoes. Hiked or power hiked 95 percent of the ascent with a few breaks to catch my breath. Summitted Lincoln in about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Took a 10 minute break to eat couple gels. Felt good so I decided to go to Cameron and back. Ran 95 percent of the descent. Brought 2L of water but only needed 1L. Also brought a 16 oz bottle of electrolyte mix and drank it all. 
Route: Lincoln Amphitheatre
Posted On: 2020-07-28, By: msloc_99
Info: Steep trees and cliffs, loose glacier rock, high alpine "mine fields"...if you find this complicated, dangerous, or unnecessary, you're right. "Tree section" from TH to glacier path: difficult to discern a precise route only about 0.2 miles from the parking. Some is just overgrown and some parts allow for multiple difficulties to ascend. Below and in the waterfall/ice-fall sections, it will require choosing between climbing up rocky/muddy cliff sections and/or choosing to crawl up through the creek. Slipping and falling in this section is dangerous considering the exposure and it is almost impossible to not slip due to the creek or during inclement weather. The glacier/glacier rock section: requires navigating a massive amount of loose scree, crevasses, the creek, and water falls. The best bet is to walk where you see grass so the ground doesn't crumble out from under you. Ridge Section (Above the last waterfall in the glacier, between 13k and summit cone between photos 9 and 11 ): there is a lot more loose scree-like ground to cover than the route photos indicate. There is a lot of mining debris, roads, mine shafts, crevasses, and loose rock to navigate. Traveling off the old mining roads is more difficult because the roads criss-cross the slope creating steep inclines and declines to get on and off of the roads. There are also potential hazards on the slope such as holes, crevasses, and several mine shafts that a person could easily fall into if they were not aware of them. Besides them being dangerous, they at least make you change your route to navigate around them. Several of the lower roads switch-back up to the ridge and then others go to the north east side of the cone to the well established trail that merges with the ridge trail to Mt. Cameron. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-07-22, By: jhaga
Info: The Bross bypass that enables hikers to make a loop of these mountains is in a shocking state. Maybe this is the way it's always been but I highly recommend retracing your steps and making this an out and back rather than taking this bypass. The trail is steep, basically straight down with loose scree. It's not fun to hike, has totally eroded the side of the mountain and is dangerous. This is a sad little valley that is over hiked. It's a good one to skip. 
Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Posted On: 2020-06-28, By: egmizzou
Info: I was worried about snow fields given the snow still on the mountains. I was pleasantly surprised that the snow was a non-issue. Minor snowfield on the traverse below Cameron towards Bross however it was easy to navigate. 

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