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Route: From Browns Creek
Posted On: 2011-06-24, By: shaunster_co
Info: Browns creek trailhead to Brown lake was awesome, cool and dry through the trees. From Browns Lake to the gulley of Mt White - up to Antero was dry and easy. There is some snow going up, but it can be avoided. No snow up to Antero. Tab & Shav looking good too - pics posted. Enjoy! Round trip mileage is roughly 22 miles. I think you can take the Colorado Trail veering right and go between Mt White & Antero to shave some mileage and time if you want to. We also drove a mile or so up the Baldwin Gulch road, didn‘t make it to the 12k point. We wanted to do the other route since we had already done this route. Looked pretty clear either way though. 
Route: From Browns Creek
Posted On: 2011-06-20, By: colokeith
Info: We did not summit Mt Antero, but we hiked in the Browns Creek area. The peak looked mostly clear from snow. Here is a pic from the Browns Creek Trail 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2011-06-07, By: lackerstef
Info: There are mixes of snow and dry trail. I decided to go straight up a chute with micro-spikes and axe (still necessary for this climb). Took me roughly 5 hours to summit from TH (at 38.7100 -106.2443). On the way up, I avoided the switch backs and went straight up a chute. Here is a video of that: . I spent a lot of time after reaching the south ridge (where you see a sign for Mt. Antero Trails again) debating which way to go and a lot of turning back because of the snow. It was much easier route finding on the way down since you could see the clear areas. To avoid snow, just stay high on the ridge towards Antero, but be careful as there is some exposure (not bad). I have posted some images to show conditions. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2011-05-29, By: mrschaible
Info: Route is clear of snow up till the 4wd trail head. From there, expect to post hole to tree line if you are not wearing snow shoes especially later in the day. We chose to climb directly up peak 13,800 once we exited tree line to avoid the snow as we did not have snow shoes. If you choose the road, you will have to cross many snow filled couloirs. We had only microspikes and the snow was quite hard in the morning and made the steep crossings sketchy. On the way down, the snow was soft enough to cross without a problem. We glisaded down the couloir on the return. This is a good spring route. We parked only .4 miles from the road and had a round trip of 11 miles with a time of 9 hours at a moderate pace. 
Route: West Couloir (Direct)
Posted On: 2011-05-15, By: Monster5
Info: Took the couloir immediately west of summit from the standard 2wd Baldwin trailhead. Total RT time of 10 hrs at a moderate pace. Good, easy snow, safe, and direct route at 10-11 mi round-trip. Good crampon snow in the morning, long glissade in the afternoon. Shallow snow with plenty of talus - no need to cross any suspect slopes or go near cornices, etc. A couple hundred feet of talus-hopping at the top. Patchy snow on road, large avy debris about halfway. Snowshoes were used only on the descent from the base of the lower couloir (below treeline) to the Baldwin Gulch 4wd sign/stream crossing. More pics: 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2011-04-17, By: Carl
Info: Road was almost entirely snow covered from the bottom at 9,400ft. Attached is a picture of the west face. As you can see the snow stops around 13,600ft. The only skiable lines from the summit are down the northeast face. Although they appear to all end in massive cliffs after about 500 vertical. We skied the northeast face a little, climbed back up, skied the north ridge to 13,600ft, and then hiked across the the west face back to the snow gully. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2010-12-28, By: shep
Info: 4 of us completed Antero on 12/27. Wore snowshoes from lower trailhead to about 13K. We took the 2nd prominent gully as you head south along the standard road/trail. Some avalanche danger but we thought manageable. We did hear a couple of "whoomps" on the way out. No natural slide activity seen in entire valley. Upper west slopes were talus and snow nightmare. Not much fun. Topped out in about 6 hours with total roundtrip of 9 hours. Good weather overall, but was chilly in the morning. 

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