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Route: Little Browns Creek
Posted On: 2020-05-21, By: CaptCO
Info: Basically summer conditions the entire way. Ridge Crux had some snow on the N side which made things a little more interesting. After summit ridge snow stays on route, so I just beelined it up the ridge (second route?) 4 hours up 2.5 hours or so down. 7.7 miles up, 7 miles down scree surfing. A little over 5,000' or gain. I really enjoyed this hike and am considering writing up a TR. If anyone's interested let me know, didn't see another person on LBC route all day 
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Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-05-18, By: BrendoGetsOutside
Info: About 7 hours car to car. All snow is avoidable on the road until you reach almost at the end of tree line. There's probably a quarter mile of deep snow, and in the AM you'll be fine. Coming back after summiting, we just glissaded it best we could— took about 10 minutes to get back to the dirt. We didn't need any snow equipment at all. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-05-02, By: Christensenje
Info: Road after the fork is still filled in and deep. Recommend snow shoes. Climbed the ridge right at tree line and climbed straight up to avoid filled in road. Ridge is completely dry. Definitely recommend this until the road clears a bit more. Way down was rough once we hit tree line again when the snow softened up. Post holing for a mile up to our waste with every other step. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-04-16, By: morgansperry
Info: Dry road to the 4WD TH. Maybe up to 6 inches of snow depth to the 2WD TH, then the snow gets a lot deeper. The switchbacks are filled in with snow, so we hiked straight up to the ridgeline where it was dry. There is some snow on the ridge traverse, but not bad. In the morning the snow was hard enough not to need snowshoes, but you definitely want some flotation for the way back. Photo 1 is the 2WD TH. Photo 2 is from the summit. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-03-16, By: mtn_nut
Info: Antero is in great shape. Parked at the bottom of the 4WD road and didn't have to put snowshoes for the first three miles till the Baldwin lake (38.682614, -106.27282. Followed ski and snowshoe tracks to approximate treeline (38.668670, -106.263323), where I went straight up the slope to the bare windswept slope above. stashed snowshoes at (38.669143, -106.256116) and followed the mostly bare slopes straight up before finding a trail that goes around the north side of "prospector peak". From there, just followed the ridge between prospector peak and the summit. returned similarly, although I had to wear my snowshoes out because the road had gotten slushy. I was the only person on the mountain all day. 
Route: West Rib (Winter Route)
Posted On: 2020-01-21, By: wanderingsteve
Info: Wore snowshoes from the 2WD trailhead to treeline. There's a good trench all the way to treeline, but you'll certainly want snowshoes after Baldwin Lake, and we just chose to wear them from the start. Wore microspikes from treeline to the summit. An ice axe was good to have for the last few hundred vertical feet. It's a steep climb above treeline with a mix of snow conditions, but I was surprised by how the wind had left little snow from treeline to the saddle. 10.7 miles RT. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-01-09, By: joflyer22
Info: Started on snowshoes at the 2WD TH. Great trench all the way to treeline with just a few soft spots in some drifts. Took the last gully on the left to shortcut some of the road. No avy danger in this main gully that we saw. Snow was fairly consolidated, with a few deeper spots. Took snowshoes off at approx. 12,500' and switched to microspikes. Wore them all the way to the summit and back to approximately that same elevation. We split and took 2 different routes from just below 13,000'. Bill took the straightline to the ridge from the gully, I quit all the talus-hopping by diverging right to intercept the 4WD road again. Bill's route was shorter but getting back to the road helped protect against the cold wind. Mixed conditions enroute to summit with some dry rock hopping, post-holing in soft snow, especially on the saddle leading up to the summit cone. On the descent, we opted for one of the of the small roads descending from the saddle. More talus-hopping and some scree mixed with snow on the descent. Took the middle gully back down to treeline and that was safe as of today and mostly consolidated snow. We made it almost to treeline before new snow was falling. Long hike back to the TH but the good trench made it easy. Saw no one all day! Mt. Antero: my first winter 14er, and Bill's (Climbingcue) first winter Antero. 
Route: West Rib (Winter Route)
Posted On: 2020-01-04, By: supranihilest
Info: There's a solid trench to treeline - it's a bit posthole-y from hikers so wear flotation and you'll be set. At treeline the west rib is basically right in front of you. Simply climb it directly. Flotation is not needed past this point as the snow is awful and powdery and very thin in most spots. The rib is a mix of said thin snow, tundra, and very loose rock. It's rather tedious but it's easy. The summit ridge from the rib junction is rather snowy, and the snow is mostly knee deep trash, but the scrambling is way easier than it looks. I stayed on the eastern/right side of the ridge or on the crest almost the entire time. Once the fun part ran out I stuck to the exposed talus since the snow was not good. I descended the way I came up. The descent is very loose and annoying. Equipment: I used my snowshoes til treeline and found them extremely useful to that point, stashing them at the bottom of the rib. I used my ice axe mostly for balance but it wasn't strictly necessary, even on the scramble. My microspikes stayed in my pack. Both ice axe and microspikes should be carried just in case. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-01-01, By: Dose
Info: There is a solid trench from 2WD TH to treeline. Above treeline the wind erases everything. The trench we put in was gone by the time we came back down in the afternoon. From 13,800 we stayed left of the ridge since the snow was deep and unconsolidated. We headed to the ridge proper just past the large rock towers and ran the ridge the rest of the way to the summit. Be prepared for a long day. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-11-25, By: Eagle Eye
Info: West Slopes: Starting at the 2WD TH (junction of Chaffee County 162 and the Baldwin Gulch Jeep Road) I followed a faded but solid snowshoe track up the road yesterday. Boots and micro spikes were nice for the steep road. The track wasn't visible much past the summer TH and I switched to snow shoes. Above tree line, I sometimes followed the long switchback roads, and sometimes shortcut them. There is currently a lot of powder/rocks cover that neither snowshoes or crampons would work well on. The worst section in this regard is the final switchback section of the road, under Point 13,800. I mostly stuck with micro spikes and the realization it would be slow-going! Although it was nice right on the summit, I got the Full Force of the wind while returning on the ridge. 
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Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-11-10, By: denverfromdenver
Info: Nice trench in the road up to treeline by the group that went up yesterday. Didn't need or bring flotation, but another good storm might change that. Used microspikes to just ascend Straight up the gully that intersects the big switchbacks from 12k-13k. Didn't need them other than that, but they were very nice to have. My gaiters earned their weight in gold for the not-so-occasional posthole on the decent. Was able to get some use with my ice axe on firm crust and glissaded about a third of the same gully from 13k down. No chance of any vehicle making it past the 2wd lot. It was about a 6 hr ascent and 3 hour descent. Photo 1: on top of shoulder looking south at 13,200 Photo 2: gully I ascended instead of switchbacks Photo 3: summit ridge Photo 4: from summit looking down on snowy switchbacks and trail from treeline 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-10-13, By: askwjs
Info: Decided to park at 2WD TH after the snow this week, being sure of the road conditions. Below treeline there were many areas of ice across parts of the road. The ice covered almost the entire width of the road, walked around them practically in the trees. Crossings were all manageable to walk or drive across (if you want to drive). 3 cars were able to, somehow, navigate around the ice to get to the top. Above 12,000 ft there was loose snow on the road in patches to about 13,100. The heaviest winds we encountered all day was at the sign around 13,100, must have be blowing close to 50 mph until you turned north toward parking area. Almost knocked us over. The ridge was covered with loose snow, no need for spikes or any traction, until the base of the final pitch. The final pitch was dry but very windy, lots of broken trail to get to the summit. Once on the summit, the wind died down but it remained cold. Blue skies all day. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-09-15, By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Hiked all the way from lower TH. Plenty of spots in the pull-off and along the road if necessary. Road is rough but easy to hike up - especially at 1am with a full harvest moon! Best way to climb this mountain. The last 500' gain on the little ridge is lots of fun (right after the road ends). Road is in good condition and last mile is steep. Plenty of jeeps, trucks, and Razrs (+ hikers of course) on the way back down after a sunrise summit. Couple of creek crossings are easy enough to rock hop too. 
Route: Little Brown’s Creek
Posted On: 2019-09-14, By: Bigperm
Info: Trail is in great condition. As previously stated (Roche) the creek comes and goes as it goes underground here and there. Campsites start around 13500-13900. The creek is good along this stretch but disappears at 13800-13900. Not to worry though, It restarts again higher up. The highest campsite I saw and used was at 13850. It put me to within 1.1mi of the saddle. Downside is there's a pile of old camping gear and coolers nearby. You name it, it's in that pile. The site is huge though and it won't detract from its beauty. But please, grab something to bring down on your way out. It's a friggin' travesty that someone had the nerve to leave all that stuff up there. 
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Route: Browns Creek
Posted On: 2019-08-11, By: Tlorbets
Info: Amazing!! Best route to Antero, 15.5 RT. Avoids the road up until 13,000 feet we crossed over to jeep road and finished. We started at 7, peak at 10:00am down at 12;30. We are runners so that explains our times. Epic run following waterfalls and stream for 5 miles or so! 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-07-21, By: DorothyK
Info: Hiked full 16 mile RT from Alpine Lake. There were 3 stream crossings. I wore my water shoes for those. My friends were able to rock hop. Otherwise, the 4wd road / trail is in good shape. We saw many Jeeps/Razrs/dirt bikes get up pretty much as high as the 4wd road goes. There's no snow whatsoever on the trail. 
Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-07-15, By: awitkowicz
Info: This is an FYI in case you don't check the Trailhead Reports too. There was overnight flash flooding on 7/14, and as of 7/15 the 4x4 road is impassable by vehicle about 100' from the trailhead. I drive a lifted Tacoma and have a solid amount of 4x4 experience, and I did not even consider attempting the trail in its current condition. I would honestly probably not even attempt it in a RAZR right now. There are a lot of trees that washed into the road, and there is a fast flowing river with steep banks that seems to be a result of the flash floods. This river took some other hikers about 20 minutes to find a route around. I decided that if it was this bad at 9200', then it would probably be pretty rough higher up too, so I called it a day. But I can't confirm what the trail was like beyond about 9400'. All that said, once the water from the new rains dissipates, the trail conditions will likely improve pretty quickly, but as of 7/15 it's a bit of a mess. Photos attached! 
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Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-07-14, By: WSC_Geologist12
Info: I'd like to corroborate the previous conditions report with some photos and more information that report left me asking. The slide path crossings aren't too bad, someone piled up some rock on the big one. This page has some pictures of just the blockage so I took one with my truck for scale. saw Some stock Grand cherokees, stock 4 runners past there. If you made it up the bumpy hell that's the lower road this thing shouldn't stop you. At 13,200' the road splits and there's a couple small banks that make the road skinnier than anything larger than a quad. There is parking for two vehicles up here, if a third parks here then the next person would have to back out down to 13,000. Today it was Toyota parking at 13,200 and Jeep parking at 13,000. Someone with more bravery than I could send it further than 13,200, but it would be tippy. Anyway the roads good to like 13,550 if you have a quad. Probably good to the top if you're on two wheels. As for the route beyond the parking, I did not encounter any snow beyond this. I took the ridge crest the whole way though so I'm not sure if the actual route is supposed to go through snow. So there is no point to bring any gear unless you're aiming for snow. There was some squabbling about 2' versus 4' of water at the creek crossing. I'll give it a solid 18” depth with a picture attached. 
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Route: West Slopes
Posted On: 2019-07-12, By: ClarkNunnelly
Info: Was able to take a stock Tacoma all the way up until 13,200 this morning. Avy debris is the worst part (3 total to cross). Lots of loose logs and snow is starting to become slushy that is holding parts of it together. Coming down is worse than going up. Still can't get past 13,200 as snow is still blocking the road. Previous reports stated that water was 4 ft deep at the river crossing. Today, it wasn't more than 2 ft. Tacoma was easily able to cross. 
Route: Little Browns Creek
Posted On: 2019-07-13, By: TravelingMatt
Info: See my report for Mt. White: 

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