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Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-12-06, By: Will_E
Info: Spectacular day up on G&T. I started at the I-70 lot, ascended Kelso Ridge, across to Grays, then descended Grays standard route. I took the entire ensemble (crampons, snowshoes, axe, microspikes), but didn't use any of it. The road is well packed down, a few vehicles made it to the parking area a mile or so up, didn't look like anyone attempted to get farther. After getting far enough into the valley to see both mountains, I left my snowshoes. Some very minor postholing, but not worth putting snowshoes on for. Keslo Ridge had some challenging sections due to snow. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-11-28, By: rudyking69
Info: Started from 2 wheel parking lot in bakersville at 4:50 am, 4x4 road is completely snowed in, looked like a few cars tried to drive it in, vut only a couple made it to about 1/2 mile in and looked like they struggled, I was glad to have walked. We made it to upper lot 2hrs later no snowshoes required up to now, snow was pretty solid and compacted for the first mile on the trail into the valley, eventually we did have to put them on for 1 mile or so until we got to the Kelso ridge. We should had left snowshoes at the split because after that we really didn't used them again until we got back down to the valley again. The snow on the Kelso ridge varied from no snow at all to chest deep wind blown snow. We wore cramp-ons the whole time on the ridge, most of the snow on the ridge was pretty soft with a few icy spots. The knife edge had at least 12 inches on the left side, but none on the right side of it which made for a weird straddle. There were at least 2 other sections before knife edge that I thought were more difficult becaude of amount of snow and all holds buried under. We made it to the summit at 12 pm with epic weather. We considered doing Grays, but blahh we had both done it before and rrally after that kelso ridge it wasn't going tonbe exiting at all. Headed back down still wearing cramp-ons all the way down to the valley where we changed into snowshoes for the rest of the way by this time snow in valley was really soft. Made it to my car at 4:00pm 11hrs after starting, I think I may have minor frostbite to my right foot, but overall a great day well worth it!! I will be uploading full YouTube video of my climb soon check out my channel on the link below 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-10-22, By: Lithobatiks
Info: Mostly summer conditions. There's one stretch of snow that is hard to avoid and makes it pretty sketchy right around 14000'. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-10-18, By: Marshall
Info: Mostly dry the whole way. There are a couple spots with some snow, but I avoided them all with a little extra scrambling. The standard trail is dry up to Torreys. 
Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2020-10-18, By: jcapp
Info: Great time to do this hike. Summer conditions without the crowd. Pretty much no snow at all. Despite being a Sunday, I saw only a handful of groups. Started the hike at 7am, parking lot was about half full at that point. Got to the summit of Grays at 9am and only saw one group. Summited Torrey's at 9:40 and was by myself for about 15 minutes. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-10-08, By: supranihilest
Info: Summer conditions. 
Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2020-10-02, By: lauradaughtry
Info: Took the standard Grays and Torreys loop, started at 5:15am on 10/01 (a Thursday). There was very, very little human traffic (we saw less than 20 other people the whole day). Ended up being a completely beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky. Visibility was great from both peaks, despite some nearby wildfire smoke. Absolutely no micro-spikes or any snow gear needed, though clothing layers for below freezing temperatures were needed. It was RIDICULOUSLY windy at the saddle and on the summit of Grays. (Not much wind at all on the summit of Torreys.) Recommend bundling way up, lots of layers, face protection from the wind, and thick gloves (hand warmers were a lifesaver during the windier gusts). 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-27, By: Ericsheffey
Info: Did Kelso Ridge to Torreys & Grays on Friday 9/25. Conditions were dry throughout, except for two very small patches of snow on Kelso Ridge, but no traction was needed at any point (however, please add microspikes to your pack anyway, as it's that time of year). No smoke over the peaks today, but the views were a little hazy in the distance. As is true most days on these peaks, the winds were fierce and layers were needed to stay warm. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-21, By: Scott Conro
Info: As Piotr stated, some snow and ice after the knife edge below the white rock on the north side for about 30 horizontal feet. Many dry places to put feet with careful footwork, and going without spikes was perfectly adequate, but some may feel more confident having traction just in case. Snow/ice on the rest of route was avoidable. Maybe avoid this route if you're lacking alpine experience or at least do good research. Some guy brought a friend from out of state for her first 14er, and the guy was completely unable to find the easy lines and had her screaming and crying on multiple occasions. It was awful for her and not a pleasant experience for anyone on the ridge. Don't be that guy. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-21, By: RJ_Greenhorn24
Info: Route is mostly snow free except for a few sections in the last 3rd of the route, all can be avoided. Some snow from the white rock up to the summit, but can also be avoided. 
Route: Ruby Ridge-Grays-Torreys-Grays South Slopes
Posted On: 2020-09-20, By: HikesInGeologicTime
Info: Ridge connecting Ruby and Grays is dry and is a great opportunity to find gratuitously difficult short sections for spicing up an otherwise straightforward Class 3 route. Some sections of snow on the trail between Grays and the Torreys saddle, but not bad enough to require traction. South slopes trail back to Argentine Pass TH is loose and somewhat annoying; my partner and I half-jokingly lamented that we might have had an easier time taking the ridge back down. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-19, By: salmanalsaif
Info: Didn't need traction at all. Forecast was ~50 degrees, 10 mph winds with 20 mph gusts but I was comfortable doing the whole thing in summer clothes. Took 2:35 hrs to summit Torreys Peak Via the ridge from the TH (~3.35 miles). Did Grays to meet up with my friends, didn't need traction for that ascent (some snow sections, spikes help but I didn't use them). Took 3:13 hrs from the TH (~4.15 miles). On the way down (Torreys standard route) there were 2 short sections that could benefit from spikes, wore them for the first but not 2nd. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-17, By: Piotr
Info: Trail is mostly dry, few sections with snow. However, be ready for the snow on right (west) side of white tower after going across knife edge. Probably most dicey part of the climb, even without being iced over yet. 
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Route: South Slopes
Posted On: 2020-09-14, By: jryor121
Info: Figured I'd add the report for Torreys as well as Grays. The ascent up Torreys was extremely easy going, and summer conditions without any snow. The descent down Grays to the saddle, however, was much worse and I would recommend spikes. I would say if you're debating bringing spikes, definitely do it. It'll make your hike much easier from the saddle all the way down to the split to Kelso Ridge. 
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Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2020-09-13, By: bdew70
Info: The first two miles of the trail are clear of snow and slush. After that the trail is snowpacked. Snowspikes are highly advisable along with poles. If you stay on the trail you do not need any gaitors, however there are plenty of areas along the trail where you can post hole. 
Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2020-09-11, By: askwjs
Info: Attempted Torreys Peak but only made it as far as Grizzly before the wind got so bad and the visibility was very limited. Wind was sustained 40-50 mph with wind chill below 0. I will assume that the conditions are similar on Grays and Torreys. Snow was drifted in places, crusted on top but soft underneath. Small patches of ice were avoidable, brought spikes but never felt the need to put them on. Wore gaiters and goggles as well which both proved to be necessary today. With the inevitable melt off, ice and mud are both going to be problems in the coming days before the route will be dry again. Highly recommend bringing traction for the next few days at least. Gaiters proved useful today and layers. Basically prepare for early winter conditions if going out this weekend. Photos taken between Grizzly and Cupid 
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Route: Grays and Torreys
Posted On: 2020-09-07, By: Sambvaughan
Info: Chances are, if you're reading this, you know snow is forecast for tomorrow, so I don't know how helpful this report may be. As for today, very windy. Gusts were easily over 50mph at times, temps up top were probably in the low 40s would be my guess. No snow whatsoever on route... but packed with people. It was like a little parade with folks coming up and down. Fairly brisk September day - Torrey's was perfect at 7:30 though. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-08-09, By: Gandalf69
Info: I went with some friends for a quick jaunt up kelso Saturday. Ridge cool. Was probably 1000 people about between 2 peaks. About 30 percent masked up. Double parking on road on way out....I'm just glad my car made it through leaving lol. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-08-01, By: Ericsheffey
Info: Did Kelso Ridge on 7/29, then summitted Torreys and Grays. As expected, full summer conditions. A little bit of loose rock here and there, but easier side of Class 3 IMO. Knife edge wasn't near as daunting as expected, it was solid rock with plenty of holds. Class 4 fun can be found throughout the route by staying closer to ridge proper if that's what you're into. Great day in the mountains, and repeat summits for me up on G&Ts. 
Route: Kelso Ridge
Posted On: 2020-07-29, By: jordanthebuff
Info: Great route! Arrived at the trailhead around 4 AM and the lot was mostly empty still. I reached the cutoff to Kelso ridge while it was still dark and missed it at first, but eventually made it to the ridge. The route description and pictures really help with picking the right lines on the ridge. No snow the entire way up and its an easy up and down to the saddle to Grays. Great day on the mountain! 

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