Bald Mountain A  
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Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2021-01-02, By: daway8
Info: Trail gated past 2WD trailhead but tons of ski traffic here so easy to go up in just boots for quite a ways. Shortly after reaching the switchbacks there were enough ski tracks coming down the mountain that I cut straight up the hill and was still fine with just boots - didn't even posthole because there were so many ski tracks packing it down. Above the final switchback again followed ski tracks to cut off the huge loop to the NW and regained the trail just past the weather stations and the log fence on the road. Lots of exposed rock on the ridge. At times the ridge gets rather narrow with steep snowfields off to the side (esp the east) plus a couple spots where you have to go over or along a brief steep snowfield. Not an issue when calm but treacherous in strong winds. Note that most maps put the summit well past the very obvious high point. On the way down stuck closer to the road but cut west early and regained the road which was initially not tracked at all but eventually had ski traffic. Then plunged quickly down the ski tracks cutting across the switchbacks. 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2020-11-07, By: litote312
Info: Dry from Boreas Pass to the summit. 
Route: Boreas Pass
Posted On: 2020-10-17, By: angry
Info: Dry, no register. Lots of false summits. 
Route: South Ridge from Boreas Pass
Posted On: 2020-10-14, By: asueagle02
Info: Off and on snow fields, all fresh from this past weekend's storm. All powder for now, freeze/thaw may change that. Great trail to Black Powder Pass, relatively easy to follow "path" up to the southern unofficial summit. If an established route continues beyond that to the official summit, I could not find it between the talus and snow cover, and opted to go up and down every bump on the ridge. 
Route: From Boreas Pass
Posted On: 2020-08-01, By: madmattd
Info: Black Powder Pass Trail in great shape the whole way to the saddle and up to ~12,400' where it ends. Cairns and intermittent trails the whole way from there to the summit via the many bumps on the ridge. One snow field that needs to be crossed between the 2 main peaks, all of ~10' wide and low angle, no special equipment needed. A few places looked like some notable scrambling would be needed, but not bad once there; nothing exceeds Class 2 unless you want it. More talus hopping than anticipated. Only saw 2 other people on this route and 4 on the summit that came from the North. Tons of people on the Black Powder Trail midday just heading to the saddle for the views. Flowers are gorgeous along the stream right now. Intended to combo this with Boreas along the lines of bmcqueen's TR from a couple years back but the clouds were looking nasty with rain/storms near Fairplay when I returned to the saddle so Boreas will have to wait for another day. It did look like it should be possible to avoid most of the talus and steep stuff from the col by skirting the first point to the West; that was my plan until the weather said otherwise. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-04-27, By: Ptglhs
Info: Route is still mostly hardpacked snow. I didn't posthole in boots but I still went faster with snow shoes. There are 3 or 4 places where the snow is windpolished and the slope is steep enough on the upper ridge that I'm glad I had an ice axe and crampons. It's a weird mix of clear, defined trail, and talus with a couple of ledges and overhanging cornices. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-01-18, By: osprey
Info: I used snowshoes from the TH up to the ridge and switched to spikes from there to the summit. Man-battering winds were constant companions from the ridge to the summit. It is a long ridge with numerous false summits. Be prepared to spend a long time up high on the ridge. Bypass rocky points on the west side. There is a large cairn a few feet below the summit. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2020-01-06, By: drop_bear
Info: Well packed trail to treeline. Punchy snow up to the ridge, only part of the day I needed flotation. Ridge was pretty windblown with some snowfields of varying quality to cross. I stashed my snowshoes once on the ridge and only used boots the rest of the way with no issues. 1) Above treeline before gaining the ridge 2) Lower ridge 3) Upper ridge 4) Guyot 
Route: Black Powder Pass from Boreas Pass
Posted On: 2019-09-08, By: LetsGoMets
Info: Summer conditions. 
Route: South Ridge from Boreas Pass
Posted On: 2019-08-06, By: cardgenius
Info: Only 2 small snow fields left. You can avoid them but they're short and not very steep so we went right over them. Otherwise it's summer conditions and the Wildflowers are prime up there right now! 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-07-27, By: dwoodward13
Info: Summer conditions. Any lingering snow is now a non issue. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-07-11, By: Trailrunner
Info: Great condition - snow can be entirely avoided. With that said, there is one area high on the ridge where if you skirt the snow (recommended, as a cornice is holding on still), you'll need to make a couple class 3 moves. It's in an area of no- to low-risk, so no big deal. 
Route: as seen from Red Peak A
Posted On: 2019-07-01, By: shaunblair
Info: As seen from atop Red Peak A, the southern route from Boreas (I plan on taking this once it melts) Pass has some snowfields still remaining on the ridge. 
Route: Northeast Gullies
Posted On: 2019-04-22, By: Chicago Transplant
Info: Wanted to add a quick report for people looking to ski the northeast side of Bald. We were up there Saturday and the coverage is excellent. Snow was not quite what we expected, more of a chalky recycled powder for the first 1500 feet off the summit before transitioning to corn lower down. Easy to follow open trees out of the upper basin and along French Creek back to the meadow. Huge avy off the west side of Guyot left a lot of trees in the upper meadow along French Creek. The road to all the private cabins is plowed for about 2 miles above the locked winter gate. If you are creative and patient you can keep your skis on. I only did so because I was in my ski boots and didn't want to trash them on the dry road. Better to bring a change of footwear and walk the 2 miles in approach shoes. We ascended an east facing ridge line that is across from the gullies and finished on the upper north ridge at about 13,100'. We booted more of the that east ridge than necessary, you could probably skin to 12,800 or even all the way to the north ridge with enough switchbacking. In either case the upper north ridge would require booting, not really any practical way to skin it given one or two steep steps that are rock. Some people access the line from French Pass, but it is melted out, not sure about the ridge above the pass. Sorry for the photo order, I am not sure why they uploaded in a different order than I had selected them... Image 1: Overview on the way out, our ascent ridge across the foreground Image 2: Guyot avy debris Image 3: Looking down our line (skiers right gully off the summit) Image 4: Ascent Ridge Image 5: North Ridge 
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Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-03-31, By: WildWanderer
Info: Perfect bluebird day on the mountain this morning! If you're looking for a good introduction to winter/spring climbing this one would be a great choice this week! Traction not needed until treeline, then snowshoes were mandatory (and below treeline they look needed later in the day: I saw evidence of postholing from yesterday). My ice axe came in handy a couple of times but it wasn't necessary. There are cairns indicating you should go around the ridge, but with the current snow just stick to the ridge and it will be an easier hike. There are large cornices but they're easily avoidable. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-03-11, By: Giant hills
Info: Nice packed trail from trailhead to the end of trees. From there had to break a little but nothing bad. Once at the towers flotation wasn't needed and it was hard packed with exposed rock to the summit. There was one little section of ridge that needed more attention than the rest, it was steep and kind of scrambly but nothing insane had a little more character than expected. Perfect weather on summit. On descent Friends skied and boarded from towers back to car. I managed to ride a saucer from towers area back into the trees lol. Fun mountain 
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Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2019-02-01, By: HikerGuy
Info: This is a great winter route, safe and straightforward with an accessible trailhead. From trailhead to Iowa Mill is a winter superhighway. There is a nice bootpack from the Iowa Mill most of the way up to the ridge. Snowshoes not needed, but some might prefer them in this section. I was comfortable with microspikes from Iowa Mill to summit, others might want crampons for the steeper bumps on the ridge. Don't see a need for ice axe, steeper sections are very brief. Approximately 7.4 miles roundtrip and 3,400 feet. 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2018-05-25, By: koeffling
Info: A fair amount of snow on the road. Once on the ridge it's mostly clear, or a lot of the snow is avoidable or a non issue. Snow got soft on the descent down low, you could probably stay higher than the road and avoid most of it. In the trees it was somewhat unavoidable but might not warrant snowshoes if you don't mind getting a little wet on the return. Road still closed at winter closure. 
Route: Black Powder Pass
Posted On: 2017-11-10, By: Tufftommy-BV
Info: Climbed from Boreas Pass. Road up was 80% snow free and in good shape. Any 4wd or front driver should be fine... Plenty of snow on the ridge between BPP and the summit of Bald. No traction needed, but boots and gaiters were nice to have in place of my usual trail runners. Similar conditions on the trek over to Boreas. Pretty windy on the ridge proper but much less so than my last two jaunts! 
Route: North Ridge
Posted On: 2017-07-19, By: lpeabbles
Info: No snow whatsoever, VERY easy to follow route. 2-3 dispersed camping sites slightly past the extra .7 mile trailhead, but not a lot. We found one on the right maybe 100 feet up from the trailhead. Be careful - lots of private land. Wonderful hike and only saw 1 other person the whole time! 

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