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Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2011-10-03, By: jeffdykstra
Info: Road still open to Summit Lake. We got there by 7am on Sunday and there was plenty of parking. Trail was still clear, just some traces of snow. Temperatures are dropping and it started to spit snow as we returned to parking lot. Parking lot was completely full and people were parking on the road by 10am. Great day, the fall colors are awesome! 
Route: Sawtooth
Posted On: 2011-09-25, By: lackerstef
Info: Dry and perfect as of Sunday. I did the the Sawtooth just based on the conditions and had no problem WITH microspikes. Bring them for the few small snow crossings. 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2011-09-10, By: colokeith
Info: Small dusting of snow 1-2 inches above 13,000 ft. Trail is still mostly clear of snow and was easy to follow. The road is closed at summit lake which reduced the traffic on top significantly 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2011-08-13, By: Monster5
Info: Summit Lake to Spalding: straight forward, short route. Plenty of scramble opportunities closer to the ridge (c3) with c2 bypasses to the left. Dry. The snow route up Spalding is only continuous for a couple hundred feet. Spalding to surrounding 13ers: dry, grassy tundra. Wide-open and easy to route find. To W. Evans: Trail is in good shape, well-cairned. Hooks right at the sub-summit. Plenty of good scramble opportunities and options - moderately exposed C3 and a fun ridge line up to W. Evans and around to Evans. Drop right for the small notches or bypasses. Descended the NE Face route - loose and heavily impacted/eroded, but easy enough to follow and still only c2. 
Route: Sawtooth
Posted On: 2011-07-18, By: RJansen77
Info: We did Bierstadt and Evans via the Sawtooth yesterday. There are three very short snow crossings on the Sawtooth that can be avoided with some class 3 rock scrambling, but the snow was soft and there were boot prints so we walked through it. After you finish the Sawtooth it‘s a pretty long yet easy hike up the broad summit plateau and then around to the top of Evans. Any questions feel free to PM me! 
Route: West Ridge from Echo Lake
Posted On: 2011-07-15, By: Flyingfish
Info: Stay hight ing the bump and don‘t go through the willows there is no way to to get to the gully without getting soaked 
Route: West Ridge from Echo Lake
Posted On: 2011-07-30, By: tmccormack
Info: What little snow remains was completely avoidable; very wet through the willows especially on the way back; waterproof shoes or a change of socks recommended 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2011-07-01, By: butterflyer
Info: At the trailhead it was cold and windy. looks snowed in but completly passable, minimal snow along the route. USE CARINS great weather and trail conditions. 
Route: West Ridge from Echo Lake
Posted On: 2011-06-26, By: heatherfrazier7
Info: Once we came up from Guanella Pass to just below Mt. Spalding, the conditions along the way to the peak of Mt. Evans were not too bad. Once we came in view of Abyss Lake there were about 3-4 small patches of snow, about 10 yards or so each, that we had to hike across on the way to summit Mt. Evans along the rocky terrain. That was a little hairy but we did ok. We took the same route back so we hit up the snowy patches again with some caution. 
Route: Northeast Face
Posted On: 2011-06-20, By: sheller
Info: Took my young boys up the Northeast face from Summit lake. There was very little snow and most of it is avoidable. You won‘t need snowshoes, etc. There is still some snow on the ridge between Spalding and Evans. 
Route: Northeast Face
Posted On: 2011-06-19, By: hberry
Info: I skied the face (the left side if looking at it from the summit lake parking lot) on Saturday - the snow starts about 200 or so feet below the ridge going to the summit. It is probably easiest to park at the Summit lake lot and hit from there - a car shuttle would be slow as you have to do a good amount of hiking from the Summit parking lot to the area where you can ski. You can easily get a few laps in in a day - and there is a great boot pack up to the top of the snow. 
Route: North Face Moderate
Posted On: 2011-06-05, By: realhillboarding
Info: The report from 6/3 said it was still transitioning, but we got a good freeze overnight and the majority of the route is now spring corn, although there were a few pockets of winter snow remaining. Snow is patchy between summit lake and the upper bowl, so leave the skins at home, its boots at the beginning and crampons the rest of the way. Sun hit the upper portion of the route around 7:15, but it stayed solid and wasn‘t ready for skiing until 10:00. The snow isn‘t continuous from the saddle and requires about a 50-100‘ downclimb (probably could billy-goat it, but i chose to keep my gear in good condition), and it definitely is not in from the summit. 
Route: North Face Moderate
Posted On: 2011-06-03, By: Nelson
Info: I felt I could start later because this is North facing and a short climb. WRONG! I started at 6:15 am. The first 1000 ft. or so was on very firm snow and things went well. As soon as the sun started to hit it the snow was soft and punchy ie the thin slab crust was not supporting my weight. I was at about 13,800 or so and was able to stay close to the rocks and only had a little way to go to get to the ridge so I stuck with it. I had hoped to ski it but decided against it because the snow was so soft. I summitted at 7:45 and descended via the North East slope. This was very good skiing (corn) and salvaged the ski descent for me. Lessons: The snow here is NOT consolidated into spring conditions, Start Early! 
Route: West Ridge from Guanella Pass
Posted On: 2011-06-03, By: kimmykazu
Info: So after we tried to head up Gray‘s/Torrey and were not able to access the road, we headed over to Evans. I was not going to let my day be ruined by some snow, in regard to a hike. So we got a bit of a late start. We headed up Spaulding and were able to make it up the front(South) side. The snow was still crunchy and perfect. As we headed up over to look down at the lake, we could see Long‘s, Bierdstadt, Gray‘s and Torrey. What a view! As we headed over to the traverse to Evans, the snow was slushy and made the trek exhausting. "Post holing" will wear you out. We decided to jump down the back road off Evans since the winds did pick up. You should start earlier than we did and you‘ll be fine! 

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