The Guardian  
Condition Updates  
Route: From Mt Silex
Posted On: 2020-09-28, By: WildWanderer
Info: Summer conditions 
Route: South Slopes
Posted On: 2020-09-21, By: Grover
Info: The Guardian is snow free. Same beta applies here as I listed for Mt. Silex. The ledge system you use to reach The Guardian from Silex is not an exact science, but I was never in a spot that I was trapped or blocked off. The tip for going up to the summit is use the ledge system to go to the south facing spine, and when you reach that, you go up, i.e. don't cross over to the SE face. Summit register is merely a plastic container with a piece of paper containing words of wisdom; no paper or writing instrument. Photo 1: Looking at The Guardian from Silex. Photo 2: The view of Silex and The Guardian from Leviathan Peak. 

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