North Star Mountain  
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Route: Southeast Shoulder
Posted On: 2013-04-23, By: winmag4582001
Info: Snowshoes are definately useful. We shoe‘d from Hoosier to the saddle between the first and second bump. Took off the shoes at the first cornice before the middle bump. Avy risk is fairly minimal if you stay on top of the ridge. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2013-01-05, By: jswiftcervelo
Info: Sorry I don‘t have any pics - no camera I did North Star from the Montgomery reservoir trailhead by walking up the road toward Wheeler Lake and climbing the south face directly near its western end. Made a big mistake - snowshoes are definitely necessary. I‘m guessing 3-4 feet off the side of the road. Looking over at Lincoln and Democrat the ridges were nearly completely windswept so there would be no problem there. Wheeler, Traver, and Clinton were covered from this side. Silverheels was completely clear above treeline and Quandry was almost the same. So if you‘re heading up there I‘d definitely recommend snowshoes but once you‘re up on something windblown you‘re good. 
Route: Southeast Shoulder
Posted On: 2012-03-09, By: JosephG
Info: Hard-packed or windblown to the first false. Minimal snow from there to summit. The "exposed" section has some cornicing, but nothing dire. Snowshoes unnecessary. Spikes/traction as to preference, but can be done without. When you first leave the trees, there is no reason to head straight up the hill unless you want to (i.e., going left on the road instead of right/straight up will not pose problems). The jeep road is fine. No avy concern through the first false's slopes if you're on route. 
Route: Southeast Shoulder
Posted On: 2011-12-24, By: Monster5
Info: Followed road up to higher mine, descended more or less along the ridge. No snowshoes needed - deeper stuff easy to avoid. Ice axes/traction were not used. First avy spot is still tame with a bootpack and cornices along ridge are not fully developed and easy to hike through. Not ski-able. I have pictures of N Star and surrounding peaks if anybody wants them. 
Route: Southeast Shoulder
Posted On: 2011-11-28, By: sevenvii
Info: North Star - East Ridge via the Hoosier Pass Trailhead We decided to take the *standard* route. Avy danger was none, so we opted to travel the old mind road that goes from the Hoosier pass parking lot, up to an old mine and connect to the ridge at that point. The wind was crazy, so it was very nice to be able to tuck on the south side of the ridge from time to time to get some reprieve. The road from Hooiser pass parking lot up to the mine on the south side of North star was snow covered. It wasn‘t bad enough to warrant snow shoes or other flotation. The ridge itself is sparsely covered in snow that also didn‘t warrant snowshoes, crampons or ice axe. The wind was abundant, however. 

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