Crestone Needle  
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Route: NE/E Face and B.H. Pass
Posted On: 2012-10-15, By: Neil
Info: Photos taken during a 10/14 hike of Humboldt's East Ridge. If the snow on Humboldt was any indication, the north aspects will hold the snow for some time, but the southern and southeastern aspects were already melting quickly. The deepest drifts we experienced on Humboldt were regularly spaced above 13,500, powdery, and averaged 3"-6" deep, maxing out at 12" in a few places. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2012-09-29, By: Troutboy
Info: Goal was the ArĂȘte route, but sketchy weather forced us to do the traditional south face route. There was some snow on broken hand pass, a couple inches, scattered and loose. We opted to not use crampons/micro spikes, as snow was to loose. It was slow going, picking way through snow finding solid footing. Once over the pass, once we got on the gullies up to the Needle, there was good ice from runoff, we had to work around. It made us find our own routes up to the peak. On the way down it was mostly just running water. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2012-09-17, By: emcee smith
Info: Didn‘t make it up to broken hand pass, too much snow for us. Others did make it up the standard way (left in the gully) and it seems that somebody else made it up on the very right hand side, almost into another gully on the right. The first shot is from the lakes, looking up at the pass. The second shot is looking in the main gully, at the large roundish chokestone that the standard way seems to go left, and there are two relatively large step ups. The second one stumped us. The third shot is to the right of the rib that defines the right side of the main gully. It appeared that someone had successfully climbed this as well. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2012-06-18, By: MOffutt
Info: Still recommend ice axe on BHP, pretty much everything else is dry. On small snowfield to cross. Snow was pretty slushy coming down around noon. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2012-06-11, By: Iman86
Info: We climbed the standard route on the Needle yesterday, June 10th. There were a few short snow traverses on the trail to BHP with a largish one leading to the constriction. An axe was enough, traction optional. Above the constriction the route was free of snow. The East gully has some water/ice, but it was avoidable. The Class 4 direct East gully route had a ribbon of hard snow/ice. We took the standard route via the west gully. Again there was minor, avoidable ice. Remainder of route to the summit was dry. I did the climb in Trail Runners. Jenny will be putting up a TR later today with pictures and further information. 
Route: South Colony Lakes Approach
Posted On: 2011-11-15, By: mountainmicah83
Info: Went up for a conditions check and a full moon hike. We had to put on snow chains just past the lowest 2wd th due to icy road. About 3/4 mile past where the road takes a sharp turn and it says no parking all over we were stopped. Looks like that‘s where everyone has been stopping. There were old 4 wheeler tracks from there to somewhere between the rainbow trail head and the upper (new) trailhead but there was crusty heavy knee deep snow on the road from there all of the way up to the upper TH. We did a full moon hike so no real great pics. It was so windy even below treeline that we saw several trees being blown down the wind (scary) and our snowshoe track was completely blown in on the return. We made it to the old 4wd TH after seeing the last signs of recent human activity more than a mile below. The snow was about 3‘ there at that time. We also suprisingly saw some wolves up there that decided to stalk us for a while. Be careful up there. Those looking for humboldt beta, the east ridge was looking pretty blown clean by the wind. It looked like Broken hand pass was holding a good amount of snow. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2011-10-03, By: LynnKH
Info: Perfect conditions on the Needle. A small amount of lingering snow near the top of BHP made for 1 or 2 interesting moves in which microspikes were helpful; ice axe would be completely unnecessary. Water running down the east gulley was easily avoidable. The west gulley was totally dry. Gorgeous, warm, blue bird October day with very few people in the area! 
Route: Ellingwood ledges
Posted On: 2011-09-25, By: skitexas
Info: All standard route belay stations and first 5.5 pitch are covered in snow/ice, dramatically increasing difficulty with limited protection opportunity. Upper 5.7 pitches relatively snow-free. Took us 3-pitches with a 60m to the 3rd-class gully. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2011-08-10, By: apasquel
Info: went up the west gully and it was great...I felt the rock (conglomerate) was solid...there were jugs the entire way up the scramble. This route is solid!!! 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2011-07-27, By: mrschaible
Info: Clear and dry all the way to the summit. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2011-07-09, By: mrschaible
Info: Route is doable in summer gear (no axe or traction devices). Only small amount of snow in the broken hand pass. I did the climb in trail running shoes. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2011-07-02, By: Nelson
Info: For comments on Broken Hand Pass see my comments on the Peak. The Needle is, for practical purposes, snowfree. The exception is the dihedral going up the east gully. The first half has dirty icy snow. This will be slow to melt. 
Route: South Face
Posted On: 2011-06-25, By: Joe W
Info: The east and west gullies have small amounts of snow.Ascended climbers right of east gully to the summit ridge,crossed no snow.The descent was standard west gully to east gully,at crossover was three feet of snow. 

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