Fairchild Mountain  
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Route: Chapin Pass to Chiquita-Ypsilon-Fairchild
Posted On: 2020-07-05, By: trkl9
Info: Old fall river road is open for the season! Wanted to summit Fairchild today but fatigue from a weekend of climbing and my gut was telling me no right before the descent towards Fairchild. Good thing because storm clouds quickly took form at about 11 AM. Route is mainly snow free from the base of Ypsilon to Fairchild. Short class 3 moves required to avoid snow before descending into the Fairchild-Ypsilon saddle. Don't let the photos in the route description deceive you, it is a LONG way over class 2/3 terrain from the base of Ypsilon. Mummy kill route looks good to go from the trip and the drive on trail ridge road. 
Route: Chapin Pass to Chiquita-Ypsilon-Fairchild
Posted On: 2018-10-01, By: Alrightmax
Info: I would highly recommend sticking to the ridge between Ypsilon and Fairchild, rather than dropping into the basin. We did the latter on the way in and found the terrain to be very loose and unstable. We took the ridge on the way back which has a lot of great scrambling on solid rock. There's a good number of social trails around Chapin which can be confusing, but once you get above treeline the route is pretty obvious. Saw plumes of smoke rising, likely from the Silver Creek Fire! 
Route: From Hagues Peak/Saddle
Posted On: 2018-08-12, By: supranihilest
Info: I traversed the full Mummy Range and thus did not climb down any route I climbed up. Keep that in mind when reading these Mummy Range conditions reports. This report in particular assumes you are already at the Saddle between Hagues Peak and Fairchild Mountain. The view up Fairchild Mountain from the Saddle is pretty discouraging. Fairchild has a huge east face and a lot of it looks junky and steep. It's something like 1,000 vertical feet to the summit from here. To avoid most of said junky, steep rock climb north to the ridge line then take the path of least resistance to the summit. It's not as difficult as it looks, but it probably is as irritating as it looks depending on how much you like mindless class 2 talus hopping. 
Route: Lawn Lake /saddle
Posted On: 2017-06-19, By: C-Shepguy
Info: Hiked it from Lawn Lake. There are some significant snowfields still along the side of the lake, but they were rock solid in the morning when I passed through. There is also some unavoidable snow on the slope up from the saddle. I used some mini-gaiters which helped for the occasional posthole. Never put on my spikes. From the TH to Lawn Lake is clear of snow. 90% dry, just a couple muddy spots. 

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