Fowler Peak  
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Route: East Ridge from School Bus Basin
Posted On: 2020-08-09, By: supranihilest
Info: Note: we did not summit. This route starts at Rock of Ages Trailhead, which is the standard trailhead for Wilson Peak. It follows the trail to Elk Creek Trail then takes Elk Creek for a while before leaving the trail at a hard right turn. There's a short bit of talus to climb up and then there's a good network of old mining roads that takes you all the way up the basin to just below the ridge between 13,540 B and Fowler Peak. There's something like 600 feet of steep boulders, talus, and scree to the ridge from there, and it's an odd combination of both stable and unstable rock, which required care. The majority of the ridge up Fowler from there is easy, though near the top the rock gets crappy, and then it gets very steep. We went to the "usual" southeast gully mentioned in Furthermore's report, which was in the Easy Class 3 range getting to the bottom. This is where things got much harder, with climbing in the Class 4 to low Class 5 range with very questionable rock with loose scree on absolutely everything and high exposure. I spent probably ten minutes literally sweeping the first few ledges down to the dirt since there was an inch or two of scree on everything that was big enough for a foot placement. We got high enough to notice that there's a rappel station higher up the gully, so we bailed there and figure we'll just go back with a rope and rappel it when we're done, since down climbing it would be a lot worse than climbing up it. 

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