Pagoda Mountain  
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Route: From Glacier Gorge
Posted On: 2021-01-26, By: Scary_Canary
Info: Snowy but very calm weather all day, just really cold. Very solid trench from T.H. to Black lake. Helped reinforce the trench for future users. It ain't much, but its honest work. We put on snowshoes once in the upper basin til green lake area. Trenched our way from black lake to the base of pagoda, trenching through willows and bushes was hard at times. Sinking into voids up to the pits sometimes. Blue ice hidden under snow in many areas in upper basin, but didn't deem it necessary to put on microspikes. Lots of trap doors and loose rocks going up the talus slope to the saddle between Longs and Pagoda Deep deep snow from saddle to summit. From base of pagoda to the summit we didnt need or use amy flotation or traction. Axe was handy for a couple spots, but not entirely necessary. From the saddle we put in a trench through waist to chest deep mostly sugar snow. It was trench warfare out there. We rock hopped as best we could, but it was a sad effort. It didn't seem like anyone had been here recently. Not sure how relevant any of this will be as it started snowing pretty hard on our way out. Many of our previous tracks had been covered as we were hiking back out. Re established the trench as best as we could back to the trailhead as all previous prints had been covered up. Did not see a single person the entire day out. Beautiful mountain with views of the keyboard that steal the breath from your lungs. 
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Route: From Glacier Gorge
Posted On: 2019-07-26, By: Scary_Canary
Info: Snow free the entire way. Yay! After a shoe snafu 2 weeks ago on my other attempt, this was a nice bone to pick. Hike up to black lake was a breeze. Not many people past mills which was pleasant. Past black lake is a trail that eventually fades into a bunch of random ones, that all end at some point. Point and shoot your path from there basically. Some faint trails exist up the loose talus slope, but you're best off sticking to the bigger, more stable rock when you can. Some spots are really really loose. The views in the upper basin are stunning in every direction. Seriously. Once at the saddle its pretty quick and easy to gain the summit. Boulder hopping fun! 

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