"T 10"  
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Route: Black Bear Pass
Posted On: 2019-08-13, By: osprey
Info: I drove up the Black Bear Pass Road approximately one mile and parked at the junction of the Black Bear Pass road and the road going into Porphyry Basin. I hiked about 2.5 miles to reach the Black Bear Pass saddle. From the saddle I turned north on a users trail to the summit of 13,321 ft Trico Peak. This is a very easy ascent and took only about 20 minutes to summit from the pass. There is some scree to go through but nothing major. Returning to the saddle I went south to the summit of T10. T10 is more difficult due to being a steeper climb and also almost all the route is on either serious scree or somewhat loose talus. Black Bear Pass road usually has a constant flow of jeeps but a snow field about 0.1 mile below the pass kept most of the vehicles away. I was able to run almost all of the way down from the pass to the Porphyry road making a 6.5 mile round trip in 3 hours 15 minutes. 

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