Trico Peak  
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Route: T10, Trico, 13510, telluride peak
Posted On: 2020-06-14, By: tom311
Info: Linked the ridge from t10-trico-13510-telluride peak-Ajax The road up to black bear pass had large sections still covered in snow. Some very steep and an axe felt good to have. Once I gained the ridge snow could mostly be avoided. Fairly firm up to 10am. Glissaded down from t10 in perfect corn. Between Telluride peak and Ajax the ridge has a fair bit of snow, but can be avoided by dropping a bit lower. 
Route: Black Bear Pass Road
Posted On: 2019-07-03, By: BobbyFinn
Info: Hiked the road from not far from 550 due to a big snow drift that was eating jeeps. (Which is probably now passable due to some people muscling through it. But bigger drifts are just up the road - will be a couple weeks at least until it is drivable.) We walked the road until just below the entrance to the upper basin and were confronted with a bullet proof (good freeze that night) snow drift with a deathy run out. So we went up to the east ridge of Trico and followed mellow grass to the ridge. Trico's east and south ridges are clear of any consequential snow. Took the east ridge down from the upper basin (didn't walk the road back except maybe the last 1/4 mile) and it was quick work back to our car. You can see a right to left ascending non-snow line from the basin toward the right side of the east ridge in the pic - that's the easy exit from the basin to the east ridge. It's an old mining road. We needed crampons along the road in the morning on some frozen drifts. Taking the east ridge up will avoid the snow - in fact if all you're doing is Trico, take the east ridge up and down (class 2/2+) and you won't need any snow gear at all. Pic is from T 10. Shows Trico (and it's south and east ridges) and the upper basin. Seems like most of the east-facing basins along 550 look equally snowy. 

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