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Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2019-07-08, By: datum313
Info: The road to the Fourmile Creek trailhead was open and mostly dry. I made it to the gate at 12,000' in my 2WD Camry. I took the standard Sherman route and then followed the ridge north to Gemini. There was a narrow line of snow-free talus on the ridge between Gemini and Dyer (see picture looking back at Gemini from the summit). I needed microspikes to climb the snowy section just below the summit and I glissaded back down to the ridge. 
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Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2019-07-02, By: terrysrunning
Info: Road is drivable to within half a mile of the trailhead. You can make the climb with less than a couple hundred yards of snow crossings total; I brought microspikes but never even thought about taking them out. Pretty easy day. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2019-06-19, By: B_2
Info: Can get to 11,700 in Iowa Gulch. Full cover begins around 12,000. Everything below 12,000 will be melted out soon. 12,000-12,500 is getting mushy. Skinned from about 11,900 to just short of summit, final 100 vert is windblown/exposed rock requiring booting. I had a weak freeze and a cloudy morning and was out by 9 and the high snow was firm with about 1-2" corn to push around. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2019-02-16, By: cottonmountaineering
Info: Dyer is skiable pretty much from the summit currently, mind the avy danger 
Route: From Gemini Peak
Posted On: 2018-09-09, By: supranihilest
Info: Do not underestimate the distance Dyer is from Gemini Peak, which itself is quite a distance from Mount Sherman! Dyer is VERY far from Gemini, and don't forget you have to go back all that distance too! The descent to the Gemini/Dyer saddle is quite loose but not that steep, though you might not be able to tell because absolutely everything is loose. The middle section of the ridge is very pleasant and kind of fun, consisting mostly of solid rock underfoot. The ascent up Dyer is, guess what? Steep and loose! There might even be some Class 3 scrambling in there if you really wanted to seek it out, but be careful not to pull a block onto yourself in the process. Similarly on the descent; Dyer consists of larger blocks on average than the other 13ers near Mount Sherman but they're just as loose and thus more dangerous. 
Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2018-06-14, By: Giant hills
Info: A couple patches of snow in the amphitheater but hard packed and avoidable. The ground in spots was moosh and mud but its dodgable or just walk through with boots. No snow on the route besides two little patches but no traction needed. Rock was loose in spots but mostly stable..kept reading route finding was really hard on this route, but if you follow the photos and route details on the site it covers everything you need to know and have some experince with scrambling itll be cruiser. 
Route: East Ridge
Posted On: 2018-06-03, By: kmikwilliams
Info: Route from the Upper Iowa Gulch TH 90% snowfree. Hard in the morning, postholed some in the afternoon. There were small patches of snow on the road (first 1.1 mile) and trail, but all avoidable up to the saddle between Dyer and Gemini. The ridge to Dyer held snow. We used our spikes, but it is doable without. We had a fun glissade back down to the saddle. The ridge to Gemini was clear of snow. We also decided to traverse to Sherman which had avoidable patches of snow. Pic 1 - From road, route up the amphitheater to the saddle can be seen and Dyer on the left. Pic 2 - Ridge up to Dyer. Pic 3 - Glissading back down to saddle. Pic 4 - Ridge to Gemini can be seen snowfree and the saddle to Sherman. 
Route: East ridge from Gemini Peak
Posted On: 2018-05-13, By: screeman57
Info: This mountain is still holding a lot of snow on the Eastern aspects. We traversed from Sherman/Gemini, and saw one skier descend from the summit all the way to the lower basin. 
Route: Northeast Slope
Posted On: 2018-05-09, By: cardgenius
Info: The willows at the end of CR14 are melting. We lucked out by having a hard freeze so skinning across them was pretty easy in the AM. Mostly continuous snow after the willows to the summit. Didn't have to take the skis off at all as we skinned the whole way. Skied off around 10:30 and had almost perfect corn the whole way down. Couldn't travel back across the willows as it was melted and really sloppy. Bushwhacked through the forrest back CR14, that sucked. 
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Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2017-11-14, By: JoseDeMoor
Info: Not much snow, lots of wind. Scouting for some skiing this winter, still a ways to go. Some thin snowy sections but nothing worthy of floatation, did not use ax or traction either. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2017-10-30, By: jmanner
Info: Trailhead is dry. Intermittent snow between there and the summit. Some of the snowfields were knee deep, but for the most part it was shallow. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2017-07-22, By: JasonKline
Info: Summer conditions. Snow was easily avoidable. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2017-07-02, By: Bombay2Boulder
Info: All the snow on the route can be avoided if wanted. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2016-12-27, By: ahrendse
Info: Easy walking up the road from the winter closure due to snowmobile grooming. Only a couple sections where flotation would have been useful but not necessary. Not much snow on the southeast slopes. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2016-11-20, By: Trotter
Info: About 1-3 inches of snow over most of route. Drifted in low spots. Trailhead was very accessible, about an inch of snow on road. 
Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2016-07-28, By: aliciaf
Info: Completely snow free on the entire route. Route finding a tad tricky on the route so study the pictures! A fun time, though. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2016-07-21, By: flyingmagpie
Info: Climbed Dyer s-e slopes route, which was almost completely snow-free. Only a few very small patches of snow below the ridgeline near the summit, easily avoidable. Trailhead accessible by 2wd car. Road narrowed near the trailhead by plentiful rockfall from the slope above, leaving only one lane open. Road completely snow-free. Climb was essentially summer conditions. This route is steep but short, and 13ers.com route is completely accurate and easy to follow. Dyer is an interesting mountain geologically, and I found myself picking up rocks on the way down. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2016-03-14, By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Today we found decent snow conditions for a skin and ski of Dyer Mountain, from the Iowa Gulch winter trailhead. I added a trip report with plenty of photos to show conditions on the entire route: link Dyer Ski Trip Report 
Route: north ridge
Posted On: 2015-07-16, By: jeremy27
Info: mosquito pass is snow free and drivable to the top with the right 4x4. ridge is snow free as well. I think roach underestimates the rating (2+) between evans and dyer. I made a Class 4 move or two but I tried to stay on the ridge and was off route on the east side too. you can probably find a Class 2+ route through if you are wiliing to drop off the ridge and search. fun and scenic hike. good luck. 
Route: West Ridge
Posted On: 2015-07-11, By: LivingOnTheEdge
Info: The West Ridge was free of snow on the route except one small down climb on the points. Made the move super spicy because we weren‘t sure if the snow would hold. It was soft enough to kick into, but a bit too soft to be positive. Weather was moving in so we pushed the pace. If we weren‘t rushed, I would have thrown on microspikes for this one move and the extra weight would have been completely worth it Also, as Bill says in the route description. There is a LOT of loose rock. I almost pulled off an 8 foot slab just before the first chimney. Looked completely solid and crumbled as soon as I touched it. It‘s pretty easy to get off route before you gain the ridge proper after the first large point and then things get ugly. Take your time with route finding. Trip report likely to follow. 

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