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Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2015-06-08, By: doggler
Info: Freeze/thaw in full effect. Started, summitted, ended early - 5:45, 7:15, 8:00. Floatation not necessary due to firm snow in the AM, but crampons were great from 11.8k to summit. Hard and fast glissade descent; not doable without an axe. As an aside, saw evidence of many wet slides on Sherman‘s west face. Many of them swept over the route to summit from Iowa Gulch. If you‘re planning on an afternoon ascent.....uhm...be careful. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2015-05-03, By: Grover
Info: Dyer Mountain is covered in snow and a ride/ski off the summit is definitely possible at this time. Continuous snow from the road all the way to the summit as of Saturday. This should only change in regards to the start of the road off of CR-2 and a section of the road up higher, when it is along a shelf in the ~11,700 to ~11,800' range. Snow was getting soft on the road in the afternoon. I would suggest skis/splitboard/snowshoes if going for Sherman, Gemini or Dyer from the Iowa Gulch TH. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2015-04-14, By: Tony1
Info: We ascended directly up the south ridge and descended the southeast slopes. If you want a snow climb, go either way. The southeast slopes area is still completely blanketed in snow, and it is well-consolidated, as is the snow on the south ridge. The angle of the snow on the south ridge tops out at about 45 degrees, while the snow angle on the southeast slopes is more mellow. Glissading the southeast slopes was a blast! Snowshoes not needed; we were walking back down the road from 1:30-2:30 pm. I suggest starting from the road split, near 11,000 feet. Any higher and you will risk getting stuck. I can upload some pictures for more clarity this evening. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2015-03-22, By: BKS
Info: A group of 7 organized by Scott P summited Dyer on standard route with a variety of equipment. Snowshoes, skis/skins, splitboard, and simply boots. Floatation not required. Road from blacktop to summer trailhead has continuous hardpacked snow. Southeast slopes are mostly bare, but the bowl and broad gully further up the drainage has good coverage. Snow was stable in bowl and gulley late in day in spite of heat and intense sun- four inches of spring powder on top of crust and sugar. Conditions were ideal for early spring. Scenic summit. Good time was had by all. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2014-09-07, By: LetsGoMets
Info: Zero snow, perfect (fall!) conditions. Didn't see anyone else on Dyer, saw lots heading to Sherman. Canister on summit is missing a cap on one end. Wish I knew, would have replaced it. Drove in from Denver, climbed and made it back before kickoff. RT from car: ~2 hours. 
Route: East Ridge from Gemini
Posted On: 2014-07-03, By: awake
Info: A couple patches of snow close to the summit that will lead to a little bit of post-holing, but nothing that requires traction. The ridge between Gemini and Dyer also has some snow that can be easily avoided. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2014-06-26, By: carson_h
Info: I brought my skis based on 6/15 update, but left them in the car -- a lot of snow had melted. I‘d estimate 30% snow coverage. I avoided most of the snow by staying left of the road. Microspike were helpful for getting down from Dyer heading toward Gemini/Sherman. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2014-06-16, By: rescuemonkey
Info: Road to upper Dyer TH is open now. 90% of the route is coverd in snow. The snow is perfect for crampons/microspike. We climbed without any tranction, however it would have been easier with some. Lots of ski turns up there too. 
Route: Southeast Slopes
Posted On: 2013-06-28, By: denvermikey
Info: Can be climbed without going over any snow as long as you follow Bill‘s route description and gain the southwest ridge. If you go up to the saddle between Gemini and Dyer (or descend Dyer toward Gemini) there is still an unavoidable snow field covering the east side of the peak. The road to Upper Iowa Gulch is easily passable to the TH. 
Route: North East Face
Posted On: 2018-05-08, By: cardgenius
Info: Parked on CR14 and hugged lookers right through the willows/marsh. Decent coverage in the willows. We started around 4:30 and with the hard freeze, we were able to skin right across it with not much problem. After the willows it's mostly snow all the whole way. Snow was firm and we skinned all the way to the summit without taking off the skis. Used ski crampons in the upper section to the summit. Skied off at 10:30 and had almost perfect corn the whole way down. 
Route: from Mt Sherman
Posted On: 2012-04-23, By: Brian Thomas
Info: Snowshoes are not needed on route to Sherman and Dyer, snow on route after dropping from Gemini to saddle was easily navigated with microspikes and poles. Stay slightly right on approach to Dyer to avoid cornices. Photo 1 is descent from Gemini, photos 2 and 3 looking towards Dyer. 
Route: South Ridge
Posted On: 2011-06-13, By: Nathan Hale
Info: Continuous snow from Iowa Gulch up to the summit, though it‘s spotty near the top and probably won‘t be continuous much longer. The ridge to Gemini is mostly snow on the Dyer side, but the final gully up to Gemini was clear. 

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