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Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer/Crystal
Posted On: 2019-08-03, By: dwoodward13
Info: Fantastic scramble. Rock was solid for the most part. Full on summer conditions. We hit Pacific on the descent, then descend into Mohawk Lakes basin via the lowest saddle between Crystal and Pacific. Slope is very manageable, and you can chose a fantastic glissade with a good runout, or just sticking to dry rock. Easy to link back up to the Mohawk Lakes trail to get back to the car. 
Route: Combo Helen /Father Dyer/Crystal/Peak 10
Posted On: 2019-07-28, By: penadam
Info: Climbed Helen, Father Dyer, Crystal and Peak 10 starting from the intersection of the crystal lake jeep trail and the wheeler trail. Easy class 2 from Dyer to Crystal. Snow was present towards the very top of Crystal but easily avoidable. 1st photo is Crystal from Dyer. 2nd is Dyer from Crystal 
Route: Tenmile Traverse
Posted On: 2019-07-10, By: jfm3
Info: Took a picture from the summit of Peak 10 while doing the Tenmile Traverse. Lots of snow still on the east side and the little lake is still frozen. 
Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer/Crystal
Posted On: 2019-05-16, By: grahampa
Info: Skinned from spruce Creek TH, over peak 10 to Crystal and to father dyer without trouble. I'd recommend starting earlier across Helen to take advantage of the snow crossings on the couloirs. We were there around 1pm and worried about slides. This route with skis on your back is a little spicier than I expected, but manageable if you're comfortable with exposure. The skiing off of crystal is plentiful! 
Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer/Crystal
Posted On: 2018-08-16, By: Flyingfish
Info: There is no trail up Helen and a broken set of trail segments over to the start of the class 3 ridge to Father Dyer. Try to stay on the ridge for as long as possible since the slopes below are loose talus and scree. From Father Dyer to Crystal is just an easy ridge full of talus hopping. The standard decent is crappy and loose to the saddle with Peak 10. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2018-06-17, By: Dan_Suitor
Info: I made it all the way to the top with minimal encounters with snow. No need for traction or floatation. Streams are running high but waterproof boots kept my feet dry. 
Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer/Crystal
Posted On: 2018-06-09, By: Tornadoman
Info: Dry conditions on the way up Helen, as well as traverse to Father Dyer and over to Crystal. Can go from Crystal to Peak 10 dry as well. Came down from the Crystal/Peak 10 saddle and the snow is melting fast but there are probably 3 snowfields that are unavoidable. Crossed them without gear in the afternoon, but if they were icy it would have been uncomfortable. Streams running high and expect wet feet on the descent. 
Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer/Crystal
Posted On: 2018-06-01, By: JasonKline
Info: Only one extremely brief snow crossing going up Helen. Route from Helen to Father Dyer to Crystal to Peak 10 was easily done on dry rock. Came through lots of snow descending from Peak 10 to back to the Aqueduct Road. It was more like a normal June 30 than May 31. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2018-05-09, By: madadraw1
Info: Good freeze overnight. Nice corn snow just before 11AM - especially on the East face higher up. Light clouds prevented snow from getting too sloppy. In the AM, I skinned to about 12.4K feet. At that point I was on the south slopes of Peak 10. Put crampons on at that point which made for efficient travel. 5 1/2 hours from TH to summit, 1 hour skiing down (I'm not super fast). Ski was nearly continuous from summit to TH. Lower on the road there were 2-3 short sections bare of snow. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2018-01-19, By: JoseDeMoor
Info: I was able to ski from the summit back to the TH, was more concerned about rocks than avy danger (may change in the near future). The east face skied great, down lower it was a bit of an obstacle course, the road in the trees is well packed snow. Didn't see anyone else out there but the barrage of ski patrol bombs from Breck and Copper reminded me civilization was not far off. 
Route: Area
Posted On: 2017-12-03, By: WillRobnett
Info: Distant photo from across Hoosier pass. Crystal is the peak centered with the higher ridge on the right. Storm expected to add a new layer of snow tomorrow. 
Route: Father Dyer-Crystal-10, 9
Posted On: 2017-06-04, By: Marmot72
Info: Still a huge snow drift (I think remnant of plowing the TH) blocking Spruce Creek Rd. Road is then conveniently very dry. I took Burro trail to 4x4 road that splits from Spruce: a lot of snow on that road, but not continuous. Father Dyer east ridge dry; Ridge from Helen mostly dry, but snow still fills in cracks. Both Dyer-Crystal-10 and 10-9 basins still full of snow that is mostly supportive, ridge from Father to Crystal still a snow walk and Crystal is still caked. 
Route: East Face
Posted On: 2017-03-19, By: Grover
Info: Skinned up from the trailhead into the basin, then angled up towards the summer trail, avoiding the headwall. From there, I put the splitboard on my back and hiked up to the summit, as the coverage was sparse leading up to the ridge. Once you start making the final push to the summit, it is snow covered, and there are kick steps all the way to the summit. The ride down was OK. The snow was softer later in the day, but it is not smooth. Plenty of chunky sections thanks to the wind. As syzgy01 stated, you can ski/ride from the summit to the trailhead, so that was nice. I was able to ride all the way out by keeping momentum through the flat sections. (A fresh coat of warm wax helped.) 
Route: East Face
Posted On: 2017-03-17, By: syzygy01
Info: Still skiable from summit to car. It never softened up for us, by the time we descended at 11:00. Forecasted highs were 36 deg F by 2-3 PM on NOAA. A slightly warmer day or later descent may have made the ski better. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2017-02-21, By: jmanner
Info: Skiable from car to summit to car. Spring like snowpack depth and quality of snow. Some windloading on the headwall between the lakes. 
Route: East Slopes
Posted On: 2016-07-18, By: flyingmagpie
Info: Climbed Crystal from Lower Crystal Lake. Able to drive my Jeep up the 4wd road from the Spruce Creek trailhead just fine. Spectacular mountains and peaks surround the lake. Mt. Helen, Father Dyer Peak, Crystal, Peak 10. Beautiful place. This is a pretty gentle way to climb Crystal. From the lower lake, an abandoned mining road switchbacks at an easy grade up to the upper lake. Beyond the upper lake, I started climbing talus and grass to the ridgeline and the going was much harder and steep. A lot of snow is left high on the east slopes, but it can be avoided. The ridge itself running from the Peak 10/Crystal saddle is snow free--barely--up to the Crystal summit. This was an enjoyable climb on a good route. From the summit, could pick out the Cross Couloir on Mt. of the Holy Cross in the San Juans to the northwest. Close-up view of Pacific Peak was stunning. Got to climb Pacific and Atlantic soon! 
Route: Crystal Lakes/East Face
Posted On: 2016-03-06, By: AlexeyD
Info: Climbed/skied Crystal from the Spruce Creek trailhead via the Crystal Lakes route. Conditions were mostly similar to what is described in Bill's trip report from last weekend, with the exception of the steep headwall between the upper and lower lakes. We attempted this headwall directly, and soon encountered extremely deep, unsupportive snow of the Sierra cement variety, and were quickly forced to abandon this option. Instead, we made our way up the steep south flank of Peak 10 towards the summer trail that traverses this slope. Words and pictures do not adequately describe the sheer misery involved in flailing up this 40-degree mess of scree, krummholtz, and mashed potatoes snow - for anyone considering this option, I strongly suggesting gaining the summer trail much earlier (i.e. the way it actually goes). After the gaining the summer trail, there were a still a couple of steep-ish snowfields to cross; fortunately those were pretty stable; still, ice axes were a good thing to have. After these crossings, I switched back to skins for a while, but eventually switched to crampons for the upper east face of Crystal, which was steeper and firmer than expected. My friends were able to stay in their snowshoes the whole time (albeit with some amount of suffering). The east face of Crystal was a great ski descent and glissade - amazing to be able to ski a moderately steep line like this in early March! For the descent, we opted to take headwall, assuming (correctly, as it turned out) that the snow would firm up some as the afternoon sun dropped behind the mountains. The non-skiers had to switch to crampons for this portion, as the initial traverse onto the more open part of the headwall was rather steep and icy with a bad runout onto rock outcrops. Unfortunately for skiing, the snow was crusty and not very fun by this point. The ride out was similarly crunchy, but hey, beats walking! 
Route: West side - Mayflower Gulch TH
Posted On: 2015-11-02, By: uwe
Info: Crystal Peak - approach from Mayflower Gulch TH. Snow patches in and around the willows. Moving up and out of treeline, you‘re in snow. We left our snowshoes in the car - borderline conditions. Next good snow would make them a must have gear piece. No avy danger. The climb between the base of Pacific Peak to the point you ascend up the gully to the saddle was treacherous. Easy to drop in a rock moat and snap an ankle, etc. Once on the saddle, straight up climbing, no snow issues to content with. Give yourself a little extra time due to oncoming winter conditions. An average of 9 -11 hours will get you up and down depending on your speed. 
Route: Northeast Ridge
Posted On: 2015-10-13, By: LetsGoMets
Info: Route is totally dry, and great conditions as of Saturday. Drove with relative ease to Lower Crystal Lake in a Wrangler, def need something with at least that clearance otherwise I wouldn‘t even try going up the road. Awesome area, beautiful peak. 
Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer/Crystal
Posted On: 2015-06-14, By: Unknown
Info: We went up Helen traversed to Father Dyer then to Crystal and descended something close to the standard route for Crystal. Snowshoes were helpful on ascent of Helen in spots... and very helpful in the valley by Crystal lakes. Spikes/Crampons/Ice Ax were required on the descent from Crystal, as well as many spots on the traverse from Helen --> Father Dyer. Be prepared for a long wet day, we summited Helen before 7am, by the time we were done with the traverse and descended Crystal the snow was slushy and there are still a few snow fields that could see a wet slide. When we finally got below the lakes we walked a 4-wheel drive road that was a creek with water shin-high. 

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