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Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2021-04-10, By: Emilygrippin
Info: Started at the Longs Peak Trailhead around 5:45AM, we hiked with boots only until the Chasm Lake Junction to cross some snowfields. The trail itself was a mixture of snow and exposed grass/rocks. Hiked until just before the boulderfield, then began our ascent. We did not stick around long on the summit because the wind was crazy! In fact, the wind was ruthless the entire hike until we reached the Jim's Grove Trail intersection on the return trip, then the wind ceased entirely. We saw a few other hikers going toward the keyhole and to Chasm Lake, but other than that there was not much foot traffic. Brought snow shoes but no floatation was needed. Happy hiking! 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2021-03-30, By: Jennanney82
Info: Packed trail all the way out of the woods and mostly windswept straight up Martha. Did not need or use flotation. Spikes could have been helpful in the early morning but we just booted it. Beautiful day-very windy at the start but she calmed down for us as we descended. Saw 3 other people going to the lake on our descent. Also, who's proud of me for finally posting a conditions report?!;) 
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Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2021-03-06, By: jbealer
Info: No snowshoes used, spikes all day. Fresh snow made boulder hopping troublesome, and slowed the pace to the summit. Blue bird day but was hit with wind on the summit until we got down the saddle. Not a great trail back to the bathrooms, soft snow, not packed but we made it work. Was a great day out for winter. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2021-02-23, By: colin j
Info: Put on snowshoes near 9800' and took them off near treeline; about 90% of the trail would have been fine without but the other 10% consisted of some gnarly postholes. Trail to Chasm junction and the east ridge to the summit are mostly windswept. Super windy going up but seemed to calm down in afternoon; I'm thankful for the large boulders found along the trail. 
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Route: Camel Gulley
Posted On: 2021-01-25, By: Hsbromley
Info: Can't say I'd recommend this route in summer or winter, save for the beautiful views of the diamond on Long's. Booted from TH, donned spikes/axe from snowfields before Chasm lake to base of camel gulley. Used axe/crampons through the gulley; 100% needed. Snow was varied. Postholing/looser snow and solid snow bordering on ice were both encountered with mixed snow/rock alternatives off to the right at times. Once above the gulley to the camel rock on the ridge, we used spikes. Axes were overkill, but I kept mine handy. Snow was loose, but we tried to keep it on the rocks. West ridge to summit was dry. Descending the east face of MLW was the worst. New snow this week may make all this moot. 
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Route: The Camel
Posted On: 2021-01-10, By: jmctigue
Info: The Camel is a gully that can be reached from Chasm Lake and used to access Longs North Face or Mt Lady Washington. The route to base of the gully was well packed - no flotation needed, or spikes really. The gully itself is pretty miserable - the snow is very loose and shallow, and the scree below is also loose. This is massively compensated for by awesome views of Longs throughout the climb. I reckon it is a more interesting route than the normal approaches to MLW. The gully isn't very steep, and I didn't need to get the crampons out. Microspikes and an ax were sufficient. The scramble from the top of the gully to MLW was easy and fun. Amazingly there was no wind at the summit today. The other people I met had taken both the east face and west face routes as described on 14ers. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2021-01-03, By: bangerth
Info: The trail from the ranger station to treeline is well packed and can be traveled without snowshoes. From there to the junction of the Chasm Lake and Granite Pass trails, the wind has done a fairly decent job at keeping things mostly dry. We continued to wear the microspikes we wore from the trailhead. We went straight up and down the face of MLW, which is also mostly dry. Microspikes were nice but one could have done without as well. That only leaves the issue of the jetstream to deal with: 30-40mph on the way up, 40-50 on the way down. Many stops with legs and poles planted firmly to let a gust pass; some tumbles. We did not actually stick our heads above the summit rock because I'm pretty sure the wind would have taken it right off our torso -- it must have been 80-100mph (or more?) coming from the west (which we were sheltered from on MLW's east side). 
Route: Martha couloir
Posted On: 2020-12-27, By: lkk8815
Info: The constrictions/steps are all mostly dry. There's a little bit of ice (mostly on the fifth step), but not enough to really be a climbable feature of the route. Overall it's currently more of a rock climb with snow in between pitches than a mixed climb. Still fun though. Also the terrain really does help block the wind which made for a nice day until we got blown off the summit. 
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Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2020-11-22, By: espressoself
Info: Cold but bluebird day with no wind. Trail below tree line was almost completely hard-packed snow, wore spikes and it felt more like a sidewalk than a trail. A few deadfallen trees have already been removed by rangers, none remained as of today. Above tree line is largely wind-scoured, but a few remaining wind loaded snowfields remain, some that cover the trail completely. Some post-holing occurred after the sun came out, but not enough to require gaiters (which we brought). I'd recommend spikes but not much else before the next snowfall occurs. 
Route: Martha Couloir
Posted On: 2020-03-08, By: angry
Info: Booted from ranger station. Crampons right before reaching the lake. Snow conditions in the coulior varied. Very little ice. Easy walk up the lower sections. Roped up for 3rd, 4th & 5th pitch. Used a couple nuts, slings and a cam at various points for belay. No ice screws. 
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Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2020-03-01, By: dolfh
Info: The trail is compacted to tree line. Wind-blasted above tree line. I went directly up the east side of MLW to avoid the wind. Encountered some snow on lower slopes to 30 degrees. 40 degree angled snow in patches higher up , but avoidable. A few sections of easy scrambling to gain the north ridge. Heavy winds at summit area. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2020-02-08, By: bangerth
Info: Following the storms of the last few days, there is a very large amount of blowing snow around. We broke the trail on the way up, and we broke it again on the way down. Up to around the creek crossing, one can make out where hikers and skiers had gone before, and so there is a reasonably well packed base under whatever new and loose snow has accumulated. Above the creek crossing, the snow is much deeper and no trails could be made out. It was a *lot* of work to break trail, and we quickly lost the regular trail and instead just went straight towards our objective. Find your own route through the deep drifts. It becomes better again above the treeline. The storm turned us around just after 11k today, but for the last few 100ft of elevation, the terrain is again pretty well windswept and we took off the snowshoes we had had on since the start. I suspect that it remains windswept all the way to the top, but the whiteout prevented us from seeing any glimpse of the mountain and I can't say for sure. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2020-02-02, By: trkl9
Info: As previous report indicated it is incredibly windblown above timberline on the Longs Peak trail. Summited without difficulty. Microspikes below tree line were helpful. Easy picking this weekend up there but it is always a constant battle with the wind. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2020-02-01, By: supranihilest
Info: Mostly dry due to Category 5 hurricane. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2020-01-27, By: mbnat
Info: Took the north ridge from Granite Pass but turned around at about 12,800' due to winds that made it impossible to stand. Snow depth was only about 18-24" in the trees, and the trail was well packed so that microspikes were sufficient. Almost no snow above treeline, just some densely packed snow and ice fields in spots. Boots without any traction worked just fine above treeline. There was almost no snow on the ridge itself, but a few patches just in the lee (where we climbed to stay out of the worst of the wind). These were soft, so we avoided them. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2019-07-13, By: mah39
Info: Ascended the east slopes route from the trail junction near Chasm Lake, and descended the northwest slopes to the Longs Peak trail below the Boulderfield. Entire route is free of snow and ice, slopes of Mount Lady Washington are completely dry. The photo with the sign in the foreground shows the east slopes, the other photo is looking back up the northwest slopes. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2019-07-01, By: jfm3
Info: Longs Peak Trail is 99% snow-free. A few 10-foot drift crossings just below treeline. I crossed 2 snowfields in Jim's Grove- 1 could be avoided but the one below Granite Pass is wide. Used an ice axe but no foot traction (running shoes only). North slopes of MLW are completely dry, as are the east slopes. I also went up to Chasm Lake. Only snow on that trail is the usual drift above Peacock Pool. Axe was useful. A very flat shelf has been kicked/walked in so I didn't use the spikes. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2019-06-01, By: cougar
Info: Still a ton of snow up around Longs. Below treeline the trail is bootpacked but snow starts about a mile or mile and a half in, firm in morning, a bit soft coming down. Spikes are helpful. Above treeline, what's normally windblown isn't - significant snow and easy to lose the trail in various spots, but there are boot tracks all over. MLW's normally windblown east ridge and slopes are covered in snow, it was essentially a snow climb, without a firm overnight freeze. I used an axe for aid, and spikes, crampons may have helped more, although those aren't absolutely necessary they were very helpful. I was actually able to glissade down the lower part with minimal exposed rock. This was my 5th summit of this route at the same time of year, and by far the most snow. The good thing is it made for a lot less talus hopping, as snow still covers a lot of the rocks, and a quick descent. Brief snow shower on summit that lasted maybe 5 minutes before blue skies reappeared. Also including photos of other routes around Longs, there was some recent avalanche activity at the base of Lambs Slide. Loft Couloir is chock full and has some tracks. 
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Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2019-05-05, By: alliesmith227
Info: On the way up the trail was well boot packed up until the junction for Chasm Lake. From the junction of Chasm Lake we followed another group's trail. The snow was firm enough in the morning to avoid needing flotation so we opted to stash our snowshoes about a third of the way up. On the way down however the snow was getting pretty sloppy and post-holey (ankle to knee deep) from the summit to the junction. From the junction back to the trailhead it was the usual spring mush snow, but flotation was not needed as long as we kept to the well boot packed part of the trail. We were able to manage the whole trip with just spikes and poles, though some may have found flotation helpful in the afternoon. 
Route: From Longs Peak ranger station
Posted On: 2019-04-25, By: HikerGuy
Info: Supportive boot track from parking lot to Chasm Junction. Did not use spikes or even gaiters on the ascent. Snow also supportive up the east ridge/face of MLW. Donned my gaiters for the descent, only used spikes from summit back to Chasm Junction. Leave the snowshoes at home. Another late start at 10am, summit at 12:45pm, back at car at 2:30pm. Beware of delays, Mon-Fri, for road work between Allenspark and Longs Peak Road. 5 to 15 minute waits for single lane traffic. 

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