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Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2020-12-05, By: HikesInGeologicTime
Info: Surprising amount of snow on Santa Fe Peak Road - snowmobiles have packed it down up through the last of the residences, then it's deep and powdery enough up to where you can cut up to the ridge that flotation is a really good idea. Still not enough the whole way up to ski from the summit, but there were a few skiers making good use of what was there. 
Route: Warden Gulch
Posted On: 2020-10-11, By: madmattd
Info: Parked at 10,500' in an empty campsite just above the powerlines - stream crossing was shallow and not an issue in my crossover, low clearance might have issues with the entry/exit. Road above is a Jeep road, difficulty 4 I'd say (4 Runners and such can probably manage to the mine, I wouldn't try a Subaru as the first 1/2-3/4mi is pretty rough). Trail (which maps suggest is an alternate CDT route) is unsigned but fairly easy to pick up just above and climber's right of the collapsed mine entrance. It swings around out past Morgan Peak, not straight up a terrible-looking gully like my map suggested (other maps have a better approximation I later discovered). Trail comes and goes, but fades heavily on the NW side of Morgan Peak (I found some segments on my return). Traverse below the talus field on the W side of Morgan Peak if you miss the trail down below it even further, the talus is not all that stable in places. Once meeting up with the road from Montezuma the rest of the ascent is simple (stay on the main road at a signed fork). There is a cairn and a good trail up from the road on the S side of the peak versus the dirt hillside on the W side where it is tempting to ascent. I continued to Sullivan and Geneva before retracing my steps, this ended up being 12.9mi and just shy of 5000ft of gain in all due to a couple brief mistaken detours. Add ~1/2mi (total) and 40' if starting before the stream crossing on the Warden Gulch Road. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2020-06-12, By: mtngoatwithstyle
Info: Road up to peak is currently closed to motorized vehicles (not sure when they will open it) so I had the whole place to myself. Continuous snow on the road from 11,000 until 12,800 . A few snowfields to cross, I brought microspikes and used them to cross them as well as to walk on the snow on the road. At 12,800 no more snow and road is clear to the peak & summit. Remember that there is no parking in Montezuma, so you will have to park in Peru Creek and walk the extra 2 miles (RT). 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2020-03-06, By: dereks95
Info: Boot pack is in great shape up to about tree line. From there we were breaking trail (but it's broken now!) up to Morgan Pass. We left our snowshoes at Morgan Pass as the rest of the route was windblown dry. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2020-02-22, By: AnnaG22
Info: flotation necessary to about 12,500. Once close to the saddle with Morgan, can boot the rest of the ridgeline all the way to Landslide (pretty dry). Skiable from the Morgan saddle. 
Route: Warden Gulch Ascent and Santa Fe Peak Road Descent
Posted On: 2019-10-29, By: mjlucarelli
Info: Winter conditions. Started at the 2wd Warden Gulch trail head off of the Peru Creek Rd. Snowshoes were helpful below treeline but most of the group took them off once we got above treeline since the wind was blowing quite a bit of the snow off the route. One member of the group chose to keep hers on so she stuck mainly to the snow drifts while the rest of us stuck to the exposed rocks. We then descended the Santa Fe Peak Rd (Standard Route) and used our snowshoes all the way down to the town of Montezuma. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2019-07-13, By: shaunblair
Info: Summer conditions, dry. 
Route: North Slopes, all the way to Landslide Peak
Posted On: 2019-05-14, By: supranihilest
Info: Good snow below treeline; microspikes were enough. Above treeline I wore snowshoes all day, all the way to Landslide Peak and down into the valley until Webster Pass Road. The snow in the descent gully was a little bit soft but stable. 
Route: Southwest Couloir
Posted On: 2019-04-21, By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Lots of snow on Santa Fe. Starting at the end of the Montezuma road, walked to the start of the Webster Pass road and skinned to the summit from there. Then skied the SW couloir. Variable conditions - sastrugi, corn, powder, but good coverage. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2018-12-31, By: dolfh
Info: The road to Montezuma was essentially dry. I noticed a small public parking area at the beginning of the Santa Fe Peak road (264). The Santa Fe Peak road is snow-covered, but firm from snowmobile traffic up to 11,400 feet. Above 11,400 feet the road soon disappears under a broad, far-reaching snow slope. The switchbacking road is visible again at around 12,000 feet. I left the road at 11,400 feet and started up directly towards Morgan Peak. The slope averaged 20 degrees and steepens to 30 degrees near the peak. The footing was decent in snowshoes. The snow cover was trivial from Morgan Peak on ahead to Santa Fe Peak. 
Route: North Slopes via TipTop & Morgan Peaks
Posted On: 2017-06-18, By: majtytom
Info: Basically dry. A snowfield needed to be crossed between TipTop and Morgan Peaks and there was was snow accumulated in switchbacks of the 4WD road (avoidable) from the saddle between Morgan and Santa Fe Peaks. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-21, By: JROSKA
Info: Hiked to the summit today. A 30-foot snow field still covers the road just past the left turn at the upper road junction. However, this can easily be avoided by walking around, or using going the other way at the junction. Summer conditions on this 13er. If anyone brings a dog up here, be mindful of the nasty cornice just off the road, not far below the junction. (2nd and 3rd pictures) Any venturing onto that snow would certainly include some risk of tumbling down quite a ways. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-20, By: Paula
Info: A couple avoidable snow patches between 11,600' and 13,000. The snow that is left is soft and guaranteed postholing, but won't be around much longer. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2016-06-13, By: mike14
Info: Only a few snow fields to cross. Some post holing around 12.6, otherwise easily avoidable. No snowshoes required. 
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Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2015-07-10, By: timf
Info: I was there on 7/4 and while the western approach from Montezuma is free and clear of snow, the northern saddle between Santa Fe and Morgan Peak had some snow on the east side. 
Route: Santa Fe, Sullivan, Geneva, Landslide Loop
Posted On: 2014-09-27, By: awake
Info: Completely clear of snow. Great time to hike. Nice fall colors on Loveland Pass and Webster Pass. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2012-11-29, By: IHikeLikeAGirl
Info: Santa Fe Rd was packed down by a few vehicles (including Mr. Middlebrook's) quite a ways up. One brave soul made tracks up to ~12,000 ft. Beyond that, snow was mid shin deep on the road. Negligible snow off the road. Ridge was dry, with a smattering of small patches. Dry to knee deep, sugary, snow in the trees, west of Geneva Peak. Carried an ice axe, micro spikes, and gaitors. Didn't use any of them. Could have used the gaitors, but did not seem worth the effort for the short sections of snow. VERY icy in the willows getting to the creek. The creek was well iced over too. Micro spikes would behoove one there, but we did not put them on. Was able to find paths across the ice on weeds protruding through, but still fell. Micro spikes would have made it far less tedious and more efficient to cross. Probably too late for pics, but to give you an idea. Pic #1 - Road below treeline was either dry or like this and had an awesome dog named, Lucy. Bring healthy dog treats for her please. Pic #2 - Tire tracks at ~12K Pic #3 - Ridge pretty much was dry Pic #4 - Icy Willows. Doesn‘t look like much, but it was pretty much an ice rink with willows and weeds poking through. Tedious to cross. 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 2012-11-21, By: jonandmalia
Info: Road to ridgeline had knee deep snow in several sections. Took our Jeep to 11k since we still wanted to get a little bit of a hike in. On ridgeline it was great conditions. No need for gaiters on ridge. Awesome views! 

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