Grand Turk  
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Route: From Little Molas Lake/CO Trail
Posted On: 2020-08-20, By: supranihilest
Info: Short, easy route from the Colorado Trail trailhead near Little Molas Lake. Go in a northern direction towards the peaks linking trail segments and dry creeks as you go. On the way up I had a significant willow bash that I was able to avoid on the descent. Near the "Turkshead Peak"/"West Turkshead Peak" saddle find the trail and follow it up the saddle and across open slopes until it begins rising up Spencer Peak's west face. The remaining route is obvious. Loose rock abounds on this route but it's all Class 2. Sultan Mountain and Spencer Peak are obvious additions to the hike. I also did "West Turkshead Peak", a ranked 12er, by walking up the grassy slopes near the "Turkshead"/"West Turkshead" saddle. 
Route: Little Molas Lake
Posted On: 2019-08-03, By: idratherbebiking
Info: Trails/route in great shape. The snowfield between East and West Turk can be avoided by hiking slightly above it. All routes to Grand Turk and Sultan are free of snow. 
Route: Little Molas Lake
Posted On: 2019-07-12, By: jeffmpls
Info: One small snowfield to traverse before the saddle, and all clear from there if you go over the knoll before Spencer Peak. Dropping low isn't advisable, there's a long snow traverse, going high is a better alternative in my estimation. 
Route: South Couloir
Posted On: 2013-04-27, By: jmc5040
Info: Snow in the San Juans near Silverton is melting out quick. The snow is covered with dust in most places with a little fresh snow to be found in places, mostly up high. All signs pointed towards a stable snowpack on the south facing slopes of Grand Turk. A good freeze provided excellent climbing and skiing by 10:00. A summit ski is in via the south facing couloir and snow route finding can keep you on the skis to the car. #1 South Couloir #2 Approach #3 Lower Slope #4 Lower Slope Closeup 

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