Unnamed 13158  
Condition Updates  
Route: Nellie Creek
Posted On: 2019-08-17, By: JasonKline
Info: Summer conditions. Snow completely avoidable. 
Route: Northwest Ridge
Posted On: 2018-09-01, By: TravelingMatt
Info: I combined 13158 with Broken Hill, but it can be easily combined with Uncompahgre as well. Easiest way to climb it is to avoid the towers along the ridge and climb up to the 13158/12932 col from the southwest. From the standard route up Uncompahgre, drop down the ridge to the south to about 12,600' and pass southeast under the towers. The slope up to the col is somewhat steep but grassy. From the col, stay close to the ridge all the way to the summit. The views are worth it. Second pic is from Broken Hill to west. 

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