Mt. Sherman  
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Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2021-04-05, By: Cygnus X1
Info: Pretty solid crust on the way up. My three partners booted it all the way up. I am heavier than each of them and was doing some post-holing so I wore my snowshoes from about 12,400 to 13,100 and was able to walk right up the snow. Beautiful, warm, and fairly calm on the summit. On the way down the snow had softened up quite a bit so we had great plunge stepping and even got in about 4-5 short glissades. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-03-27, By: 100PeaksAdv
Info: Very slow goings from the Four Mile Creek Campground given the snow. "Broke trail" to the trailhead save for a couple of old snowmobile tracks. Definitely increasingly laborious the closer I'd get towards the trailhead. I turned around at the trailhead since I just wasn't having fun. However, the southwest ridge route/ path itself was still quite visible from the base of Mt. Sherman, so it's probably easy enough to take on if you get there. Snowshoes weren't necessary when sticking to walking on the snowmobile tracks. That being said... shoutout to the guy that was unintentionally using his Subaru Legacy as a snowplow as he made his way to his residence. Given his "contribution," the warmer temperatures, and the minimal snowfall expected this upcoming week, I anticipate it's soon going to be much easier to drive further on the county road. Will give the hike a second attempt this upcoming Thursday or Friday to see if this holds true. 
Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2021-03-21, By: soundchaser2112
Info: I was the first one to summit, just wore spikes the whole time and the trench was well worn but had minor ankle-deep postholing on the way down. Snowshoes wouldn't have hurt especially on the road but aren't necessary. Very windy on the summit but otherwise a gorgeous, peaceful day and I saw only three other people on my descent. Started at 4:45am and finished at 1pm Just a note to other fellow 2WD low clearance vehicle drivers, technically you can make it to the Fourmile Campground parking since the tire tracks are dry enough, HOWEVER the snow between the tracks is deep and hardened enough to scrape the bottom of your car for miles along the road. I drove slowly and carefully but nonetheless stubbornly risked bottoming out to the frozen snow to get to the Fourmile Campground parking and it proved to be too rough for my little Kia Rio and it tore off the engine splash cover. There is more snow cover after the Fourmile Campground parking but I saw some SUVs and trucks make it to the Four Mile Creek winter parking area (don't go past here!) 
Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2021-03-19, By: askwjs
Info: Was able to drive up to about 4.3 miles from gate. A jeep braved it drove up to the "Stop Here" sign and got stuck there. Park lower and walk. Carried snowshoes to where we left the road in the morning. Snowshoes were not necessary in the morning but would prove useful on the road on the way back down. Once we left the road, we were able to find shallow snow and plenty of dry patches to make our way to the White Ridge-Sherman saddle. The deepest snow we encountered was calf deep. Was not worth the weight of snowshoes for how little we would have used them. The summer route is not a viable option. The face up to the ridge was snowloaded and the ridge was corniced. The direct route up the south slopes to the summit was also snow heavy. Our assessment was that gaining the White Ridge-Sherman saddle was the only safe option given the current conditions. Go get the trench while it's still in 
Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2021-03-19, By: AnnaG22
Info: was able to park at the Four Mile campground parking lot, watch said it was 11 miles RT hike. new snow melting out quick, though sounds like the forecast might refill a bit. some might find snowshoes helpful on the road, but postholes are ankle deep at most without. didn't need to put my spikes on or take my axe off my pack. If you were desperate for a ski line, you could scrape one together, but for the most part the slopes are very thin below 13,900. The slopes of White Ridge above the approach are bare. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-03-09, By: benmangelsdorf
Info: Brilliant day on Shermapangma. I will include lots of info to help out my fellow noobs. The road is bumpy and rocky but flat so 2WD is probably fine (avoid potholes). There were two or three icy/snowy sections that weren't a problem on the way in but were a bit slippery on the way out. Definitely park at the sign that says that you will get stuck, there's really no point going past that right now (especially with winter storms coming soon). I did the Southwest Ridge route and it was very dry. Floatation was definitely not necessary, and I didn't even wear spikes between 10k and 12.5k really. There is lots of snow on the road but it is packed and not slippery and the snowy sections are separated by long dry stretches. Around 12.5k is when you encounter a few potentially problematic slopes, but they were all pretty dry. After the final mine around 13k the summer route has you join up with the ridge, but I wasn't able to find any way to get onto the ridge that looked safe. Instead I went to the right of the mine and went straight up the face below Sherman's summit and then walked left to gain the ridge. It was chossy but I preferred that to the deep, scary snow. Not the best route for sure but it worked for today and made me feel much safer. I've included a picture that very roughly shows the route. Make your own decision when you're up there, I only went this way because there was hardly any snow to deal with. South Slopes looked really dry. That might be a better option in terms of avy danger. 
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Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-03-07, By: TX2AFA
Info: Saw four cars get stuck within 50 yards past the Winter TH sign so definitely don't try and go further. They weren't kidding when they say "you will get stuck". Solid trench all the way up, be sure to hit a left when past the last mine to climb and gain the ridge. Saw some tracks that went straight up the face into prime avy territory so don't follow those. Saw around 15-20 people from 7AM - Noon. Took 4.5 hours roundtrip. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-02-28, By: shapovalovm
Info: The road is well packed all the way to the last ruin at around 12900'. I was going to go up the South Slope, but the drainage was filled with snow (no trench), while the route in front of me looked almost snowless. The lower section of the ridge did not look good to me, so instead of going left after the last mine, I turned right and went up the slope to gain the ridge just above 13400'. From there the route is packed and very straightforward. Did not use snowshoes or spikes, but the latter might be useful on some sections between 12-13k'. The road is good for any 2WD with summer tires till 11000'. Maybe even further, but I did not try and parked at the scary sign saying if I go any further I get stuck. At 9:10 there were 5 cars at the TH, at 2pm about 10. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-02-22, By: CaptainSuburbia
Info: Parked a mile or so below Leavick site at 11,000 feet. Undrivable after this. Went up standard route only needing spikes. My buddy did fine in mountaineering boots and no spikes. Went on to Gemini and White Ridge over mostly windblown terrain. Descended at White Ridge-Sherman saddle and talus was mostly windblown also. Once down we found lots of glissades back to the road. 14.3 miles for the loop. 
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Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2021-02-17, By: 1kfcarlson
Info: Beautiful day! I wore crampons and was slowed several times when I had to post-hole through snow knee to waist deep. Still wouldn't have wanted snowshoes as it was shorter sections and there were far more sections that were safer with crampons. Definitely enough snow for an avalanche if someone is being dumb. Pick your route carefully and it shouldn't be an issue. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-02-13, By: jwin17
Info: Made it to the summit of Sherman yesterday. The road to the winter TH is still in good shape, made it out in my Prius with no issues. Just two other local cars there, didn't see anybody on the trails the whole day. The road up to the trail, and most of the trail after that is a solid mix of snow and rock. Flotation could be useful for the last push up to the Sherman and Sheridan saddle, but manageable with just spikes, so not worth the extra weight. Overall route finding is straightforward, sans the last push to the saddle with some new snow, just keep an eye out for the cornice and avoid. Not much for summit views yesterday, but it was only 14° with sustained winds 20-25 with some gusts over 30. I didn't record the trip, but from the reports I've read it's about 11 miles roundtrip from the recommended winter TH. Took about 6.5 hours, with a healthy amount of food and rest breaks. 
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Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-01-31, By: Alpinefroggy
Info: Much better conditions than yesterday's report. And nothing new. Brought an ax, poles, spikes and showshoes. Used only the poles and spikes. Route is pretty snow free. Either south slopes or the normal route (what I used) are possible. No avy danger since there's so little snow that nothing is loaded save a section of the bowl just below the Sheridan and Sherman saddle that is distinctly corniced so avoid that area. Weather was amazing, no wind materialized and shockingly warm for a true class 1 fun day. Recommend this route these next few days. Of note on the trailhead: it is passable by any car. Saw a Honda Fit and Corolla at the trailhead. Just don't drive any further than the sign since you will get stuck. Luckily some locals with a winch were pulling folks out. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-01-30, By: Will_E
Info: Cold, windy, blustery day up on Sherman. From the "Park Here" sign on the road (seriously, park here) to summit I didn't use any flotation or traction. On return, used snowshoes for a mile or so from the Sherman/Sheridan saddle, but really it could be done without. Quick, fun day in sucky weather. 
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Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-01-10, By: wintersage
Info: No flotation needed, microspikes definitely needed for the ascent up to the Sheridan-Sherman saddle. Trailhead closure makes it 9.5 miles RT, there is a "Park Here" sign to the left that lets you know up to where you can drive. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2021-01-04, By: CaptCO
Info: It's good. 3mi road closure until spring. 9.5mi 3k' RT 4-5 hours, spikes and poles. Will post more later 
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Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2021-01-01, By: jensense
Info: Road was in good condition up to winter trailhead. You might be able to make it further with good traction/clearance, and the last half mile or so was almost completely dry. The storm from last weekend followed by several days of relatively windless sunshine has left a rind over some of the snow slopes. One of which was stable enough to climb in the morning, but slid by the time I came back down (pictured). The gulch leading up to the south slope looked glissadable but I didn't put it to the test since I didn't bring an axe. Definitely check the snow before trying. It is possible to reach the summit without any avalanche risk and minimal snow crossings if you're willing to zigzag a bit; snow shoes were useful for small portions of the bottom of the hike. 
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Route: Iowa Gulch - Dyer - Gemini - West Slopes
Posted On: 2020-12-27, By: daway8
Info: Don't follow our tracks from 2B to the Sherman-Sheridan bowl!!! Started at 2B, where the plowing stopped. Hiked in tracks on the road till after coming around south face of Dyer then put on snowshoes though need was marginal. Intermittent snow/rock all the way up Dyer. Dyer-Gemini ridge had the beginnings of cornice formation on the Iowa Gulch side but largely dry on the opposite side then mostly dry going up to Gemini and halfway to Sherman. A few snowfields guarding the Sherman summit but easily done with just boots. Wicked wind from summit till partway done the Sherman-Sheridan bowl with was mixed snow/rock. A few steep snow shoots in place including some minor slides off the one coming down from Sheridan. Summer trail from the bowl to Iowa Gulch goes across several steep snowfields with snow where we sunk to our waists (going 1 at a time with beacon/shovel/probe handy just in case but nothing gave way). Eventually got sick of the slopes and descended to the valley only to discover Willow Hell - don't follow those tracks. If you see tracks ascending 120ft directly above the 2B road: Don't ask/Don't follow. Attaching multiple photos. AVY NOTES: the Sherman/Sheridan bowl wasn't loaded enough yet to be a major concern but the slopes below the bowl are a danger zone, probably better to swing away from these if you can find a better path through the willows. South Face of Dyer over 2B mostly dry but slid last winter: will be a concern as snowpack increases. 
Route: South Slope
Posted On: 2020-12-25, By: andrew85
Info: I was entertaining both the standard route and the south slope route, but the standard route didn't look too promising as I could see a small slide and cornices hanging over the ridgeline. The slope was manageable, steep in spots with a few knee to thigh high snow fields. I started out with snowshoes and they would help in the deeper snowfields on the slope, but with so few spots it may not be worth the hassle to carry them as I did the entire descent summit to TH in only spikes and just dealt with the deep snow fields as they came. 
Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Posted On: 2020-12-07, By: arnavxv
Info: Did it from the Leadville side, was able to drive all the way to 12k feet. After that, not so easy. Tedious trail breaking through several feet of snow, cracky wind slab, and screw/talus until you get to the Sherman Sheridan saddle where it begins to be packed down. You can't follow the summer trail easily until you get to like 12.4K ft because it goes across Boulder fields and scree slopes, and it isn't filled in enough so you're always hitting rocks. You have to dip lower, and then make your way up. If you follow my tracks you'll see. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2020-12-07, By: SanJuanShaun
Info: Exquisite conditions. Not a single visible cloud. Little wind. Parked at around 11,000 feet well below the Leavick Site but people were driving all the way to the gate. Road is packed snow in the shade and snowless in the sun. Trail is packed snow, slightly difficult to follow in the upper basin beneath the saddle. Didn't need traction. Cold, but so sunny that it was barely noticable. Hard to imagine better conditions for a late Autumn ascent. 

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