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Route: via Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2020-06-14, By: LetsGoMets
Info: Linked Flora, Eva, and Parry from Berthoud Pass. Actually one significant snowfield in between the 11700 road turnoff and the saddle with CM Peak. A slip would take you for a ride. Can avoid it by crossing the snow above the trail a bit. Summer conditions otherwise. 
Route: From Berthoud Lot
Posted On: 2020-06-01, By: kingshimmers
Info: Didn't get a good freeze overnight, so snow was sloppy even in the AM. There's still snow on the road up to just past the split with the Mt. Flora trail, and we postholed quite a bit, mostly only as deep as gaiters. It's a short enough section though, so we chose to leave the snowshoes behind and did not regret it. We did not take the Mt. Flora trail split and instead took the road up to the summit of Colorado Mines peak and traversed from there - more elevation gain but avoided more postholing. We did the same on the way back. Trail above treeline is snow-free. 
Route: Standard
Posted On: 2020-06-01, By: MaryinColorado
Info: Still a lot of snow up until tree line and past where the road switchbacks meet the Flora TH. Trail under quite a bit of snow for a while past there and eventually passes under a giant, steep snow field that is unsafe to cross without ice axe. Past that, though, trail is completely clear to the summit. Also: overnight temps didn't allow for freeze, so a LOT of postholing was had up and down. Route will be great and more navigable once more melt occurs. 
Route: Via Colorado Mines Peak
Posted On: 2020-05-27, By: David Sandretto
Info: Beautiful morning on Mount Flora via the Colorado Mines Peak. We got started from the parking lot at 6:40am, and found the first mile or so quite snowy, but still very hard packed so not difficult to hike on even without microspikes. After that, microspikes would be a necessity for traversing across numerous snowfields in the early morning. We opted to continue up to the Colorado Mines Peak then return to the trail after a short downclimb to the saddle. The approach to Mount Flora was very windy (no surprise there) but otherwise delightful. We summitted at 9:40. On our return, we decided to stay on the trail and traverse the by-then-soft snowfields. There was certainly quite a bit of postholing up to above our knees, but it was worth it to us to not have to carry snowshoes for 5.5 miles just to need them for the last mile. Once the parking lot was in sight, we glissaded/stumbled straight down to it, past the many skiers/boarders, arriving back at the car at 11:15. In all, a fantastic morning! 
Route: Via Colorado Mines Peak
Posted On: 2020-03-22, By: bangerth
Info: We went over Colorado Mines Peak and then down to the saddle before going up Flora. There are many areas of deep loose snow on both the way up and down, resulting from the storm that came through this week. We wore snowshoes the entire time and still sunk in to the knees for substantial stretches. Almost all of the snow is unconsolidated, and the brisk wind made sure that a lot of it is drifting. Some of the resulting drifts are quite deep and unpleasant to get through. Over the coming days, a good share of that loose snow is surely going to be removed from the west-facing slope the trail is on and blown over the ridge to the basin to the east. Some also may consolidate, both making the trip more pleasant. On the return, we bypassed Colorado Mines Peak. There was an existing track from two people before us, that we felt crossed an area too steep for the snow conditions and so we stayed on gentler slopes further south (to hiker's left and further up when coming back). The parking lot was a zoo when we came back and there were hundreds of people on the slopes. Not much social distancing happening by the skier and boarder community yesterday 🙁 
Route: From Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2019-11-23, By: WildWanderer
Info: Lots of new, sugary snow. I was postholing while wearing my snowshoes in the morning, but by the afternoon there was a nice, solid trench. I wore snowshoes from truck to summit to truck, but they were overkill once past Colorado Mines Peak. Very, Very windy today. 
Route: From Berthoud pass
Posted On: 2019-05-30, By: jbealer
Info: Climbed from Bethoud Pass to Colorado Mines Peak to Flora to Eva to Perry to Bancroft and then down towards Lake Caroline to the road. We packed snowshoes and spikes but never took them out. Snow was firm for the most part all day on the ridge, never sinking past top of boot. We did sink more on the decent off Bancroft but not enough to put our SS on. Great one way trip. 
Route: Berthoud Pass TH
Posted On: 2019-03-27, By: alliesmith227
Info: Snow before the ridge was in good shape in the morning,only requiring traction. In the afternoon once it warmed up snow shoes would have been helpful. Once on the ridge the trail is plenty wind blown and easy to follow to the summit. 
Route: Berthoud pass TH via CO mines peak
Posted On: 2019-03-08, By: Scary_Canary
Info: Had snowshoes on from TH to a little below the CO school of mines peak summit. They were pretty much mandatory up to that point from the very fresh pounding the mountains received. There was a decent trench from people going up to ski the hill. But after treeline, I was trenching out my own path for a while. Once I got close to the towers, I took the snowshoes off, and from there on to the summit of Flora they stayed on my pack. Only put them back on after descending and bypassing the summit of mines peak by a little ways, a bit above the summer trail proper, and had them on til back at the parking lot. Wasn't very cold, and the wind was non existent til after I broke out of the trees; and not to bad going up to the summit of CO school of mines peak. Immediately after descending the hill from there to make my way to flora it was like I was being haunted by a jet engine. It would die occasionally, but only briefly. For the last mile to the summit the visibility was very low, and at this point it was getting really stormy. Pick up the pace. The last half mile was an absolute white out. I couldnt look up beyond my feet, and my goggles were almost freezing over from the blowing snow. At the summit I could barely see 15 ft in front of me. And the wind stayed like this almost my entire way back down. My tracks were all but gone, and some of the main trench was starting to vanish. I was happy to be back at my car and made myself a nice hot tea after that crap. Overall a decent day tho haha. 
Route: From Berthoud PassTH via School of Mines Peak
Posted On: 2019-02-26, By: HikesInGeologicTime
Info: Cold and windy, which makes for good conditioning if you're scrambling for a snowflake in the next few weeks! Postholed in a couple places, but not enough to justify the weight of the snowshoes I never put on. Wore microspikes but probably didn't need those, either. I ascended via Colorado School of Mines Peak and would recommend taking the fork back up to it rather than the summer trail at the split - the summer trail was fine for a quarter mile until it got sheathed in snow so bulletproof that if you held a loaded gun to it, all you'd hear is a villainous chuckle on the wind. Great for practicing self-arrests without an ice ax, though! 
Route: From berthoud pass
Posted On: 2019-01-20, By: Giant hills
Info: Slope up Colorado mines peak has deep snow (flotation needed) until the end of the tree band then wind scoured and mostly blown free until summit. From colorado mines to the summit of Flora the ridge was wind blown with some patchy snow. No traction or flotation used on ridge. Ruthlessly windy. Only tagged Flora,didn't hit Eva or Parry or get a look at them do to the winds and super dense clouds. 
Route: From Berthoud Pass, CO Mines Mtn.
Posted On: 2018-09-03, By: supranihilest
Info: You can either take the road all the way up Colorado Mines Mountain, or you can take the spur that comes off of the corner of one of the road's switchbacks. These trails meet again at the Flora-CO Mines Mountain saddle, so you'll have to lose a little bit of elevation if you take the road up all the way. 
Route: From berthoud pass
Posted On: 2018-06-02, By: cougar
Info: Lower part of the trail around the base of Colorado Mines Peak has some snowfields about 2ft deep. Icy in morning, lots of postholing in afternoon around and below treeline, despite all the bootpack of postholes. Direct line up and over Mines is dry. Past CO Mines is near summer conditions. 
Route: Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2018-05-05, By: soccern23ny
Info: Start: 0600 End: 1030. Started at Berthoud Pass. Tried to get there early enough to catch some hard crusty snow, but no luck. A lot of snow starting up the West side of Colorado Mines Peak. Didn't use snow shoes but probably should have. Post holing about 6-8 inches. Skirted the side of Mines Mtn. then clear of most snow between the saddle of Mines Mtn to the first false summit of Mt Flora. From there flotation is a good idea. Colder and windier than I expect at the summit. Didn't see anyone until my descent. Used snow shoes almost the whole way back. I pretty much broke trail going up. Thankfully there were a handful of snowshoers following my tracks, and the trail got laid down nicely for my return. Thought about Eva but didn't want to see what the snowshoeing was gonna be like later in the heat of the day. Also some decent cornices on Mines Mtn.(photo) and I think a few on Mt Flora as well(never could see, only figured while standing near them) 
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Route: Standard from Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2018-04-23, By: Ptglhs
Info: Deep snow from trailhead to treeline. The north side of School of Mines peak was wind polished, steep, and slippery. I brought and used snow shoes and an ixe ax. Traction HIGHLY recommended for this part. Once at the saddle to Flora the snow was minimal. I stashed my flotation and made the summit without issue. A couple of places leeward of outcroppings or a slipe had drifted snow, but were easily skirted. Still several hundred feet of continuous skiing up on Mines, saw a couple folks coming dosn doing just that, but it's melting fast. 
Route: Berthoud pass
Posted On: 2017-11-05, By: dmtree
Info: Trail is covered in over a foot of snow and difficult to follow above treeline, until the saddle between Flora and Colorado Mines peak. Very windy on the ridge going to Flora, as well as some snow below the ridge. Occasional icy patches. Traction recommended. 
Route: Southwest Ridge
Posted On: 2017-07-03, By: HarkNeal
Info: 99% dry. 25-50 foot long snowfield in the usual spot (north flank of Colorado Mines Peak). Snow is well-packed, but was a little slick coming down. 
Route: From Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2017-06-12, By: Steve Delp
Info: Hiked Mt Flora, Mt Breckinridge and Colorado Mines Peak yesterday. The forest road from Berthoud pass was still pretty snow packed with some postholing even at 8 am, very slushy on the way down. Some traction would have been nice but didn't need snow shoes. There are still some big snow fields to cross on the Flora trail between the mines peak road and the first saddle. The fields were still pretty deep with some waste deep post holes. Amazing conditions all around, the trail is probably 80% free of snow. 
Route: From Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2017-06-09, By: lkk8815
Info: About 85% of the trail is dry, most of the remaining snow is located on the road up to CO Mines Peak and it is packed down pretty solid. Didn't posthole much and I got an anti-alpine 11am start (perfect weather day). If you're looking for a short hike to get up high without tons of slush, this was pleasant. 
Route: CDT from Berthoud Pass
Posted On: 2017-04-24, By: Steve V
Info: Arrived at Berthoud Pass around 0710, lots of parking available. Hiked up the access road to Colorado Mines Peak, still a good depth of snow until about 3/4 of the way up, but mostly frozen. Micro-spikes were handy to maintain good traction. From the summit of Colorado Mines Peak we hiked over to Flora, very little snow on the trail. Lots of impressive cornices along the ridge so we gave them a wide berth. On the return we cut across the west side of CMP to rejoin the access road, still a lot of snow in places here and since it was warming up snowshoes were great to prevent post-holing. Weather was great, sunny with a few clouds, temps were mild, wind was moderate. Wrapped up the day with lunch at Tommyknockers in Idaho Springs! 

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