"Hancock Peak"  
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Route: Via Van Wirt Mountain
Posted On: 2019-10-16, By: supranihilest
Info: The route from Van Wirt Mountain to "Hancock Peak" is obvious but is long, contains a lot of elevation loss and regain, and is almost entirely on blocky talus. Head towards the saddle and descend to it. Reascend steep talus on the other side. It's easier staying on the ridge crest than attempting to sidehill below the crest to avoid gaining more elevation. There are a couple of false summits en route to "Hancock"'s summit. Potential descent options to Boss Lake/Monarch: descend northwest towards Hancock Pass and skirt "Hancock Peak" by going northeast then southeast to Chalk Creek Pass; reascend Van Wirt Mountain and descend to the "Van Wit"/Van Wirt saddle, then take steep talus to the lakes and hike back up to Chalk Creek Pass; go all the way back to "Van Wit" and take the east ridge down directly to Chalk Creek Pass. 
Route: NW ridge
Posted On: 2019-10-09, By: highcountryhiker
Info: Sunny, chilly & windy. Aspen past peak, but remaining ones are still nice on the drive from Buena Vista to the 2wd trailhead. Dry conditions on the peak, which will change tonight and tomorrow according to the forecast. 
Route: NW ridge
Posted On: 2012-11-25, By: d_baker
Info: Lack of snow makes a drive to the Hancock town site simple with some packed snow. Parked at town site and hiked road to Hancock Pass without issues with snow or ice. Ascended NW ridge and was treated to the sight of a white ermine running by. From the summit we descended S ridge to Van Wirt Mtn. Descended back to valley floor via the saddle between Van Wirt & 13,254‘. The talus on the slope from the saddle is a little unstable, caution is prudent. Pic 1: looking at ridge of Hancock, and to the NW/N Pic 2: looking at ridge to Van Wirt, and to the S 

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