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Route: South Gully from Fairview Lake
Posted On: 2019-09-23, By: Chicago Transplant
Info: This is the 13er commonly known as "Ribbed Peak". I know some people climb it from Fairview Lake. Hiked the 12ers across the valley, then came back down from Strawberry Lake. Once we hit Fairview Lake, the next ~1.5-2 miles to Eagle Lake is decimated by avalanche debris, several different paths over that stretch. Nothing is cut, nothing is flagged. It is very time consuming and the trail is nearly impossible to follow, as a previous report noted its a jungle gym. Expect the approach to take significantly longer for possibly the next several years as this is not a maintained trail beyond Eagle Lake and I doubt anyone is going to cut these trees out anytime soon if at all. Some photos attached, generally taken around Halfmoon Lake, which the avalanche crossed over the lake. Recommended route instead is to approach from Missouri Lakes/Pass and traverse high tundra. PM me if you want more route info for the Missouri Lakes approach. 
Route: Fairview Lake
Posted On: 2019-09-01, By: nilaoire
Info: Ribbed Peak - Multiple avalanche paths obscure the trail. Deep avalanche debris made the journey from Eagle lake to Fairview lake long and difficult. While difficult this year, nxt could be worse once the snow melts- we walked on terrain elevated by up to 10 ft of snow maybe more which made the climb over downed trees not as high as it otherwise might have been. Think jungle gym. 

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