Square Top Mountain A  
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Route: square top, argentine, wilcox combo
Posted On: 2011-06-01, By: luckyzsquirrel
Info: Did the Square Top, Argentine, Wilcox combo. Up to Square Top patchy snow, but can be mostly avoided. No need for snowshoes. Same for Square Top Argentine Traverse. I returned by the going around the top side of Murray Lake and then roughly along the 12600 contour to avoid going back over the first two peaks (so the N slope of Square Top). Snow on that slope was fairly deep, often unavoidable, and I ended up post holing quite a bit. Guanella Pass is open all the way across from both sides, however it is closed for construction 8-11 and 1-3 weekdays. During the open times you still may need to wait a 1/2 hour or so for a pilot car on the Georgetown side. 
Route: Southeast Ridge
Posted On: 2010-12-26, By: Wyoming Bob
Info: Approach from Grant side, parked 0.8 mile short of winter gate, snow too deep to proceed (Toyota Tacoma 4 WD), snow machine track to pass, road well packed no snowshoes needed to pass. I cut off the road, headed toward Squaretop, snow 2+ feet deep, powder offering no flotation for snowshoes, fine for group with lead rotation, a bear for a solo act. 

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