Trailhead:  Lake Como (Blanca Pk)
Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  zsmith
 Date of Info:  07/24/2015
 Date Posted:  07/30/2015
Status Update
Lake Como still has a serious bear problem. A very persistent bear came into our camp repeatedly in broad daylight when we had 8 adults and a large dog present. Even after the dog treed him, he continued to lurk around our camp. Expect him to scour your camp at least twice a day. Once in the middle of the night and once during the morning while you are climbing. We packed our entire camp before climbing, put our food in a bear canister and hung our packs between two trees. He slobbered on the bear canister and managed to get a claw in a pack. Other friends had their food bags claimed when the bear grabbed the line on one side. This is all caused by careless people. The tent next to us had tuna and snuff inside and was dragged into the woods by the bear (with packs inside) never to be seen again. There were empty Doritos bags and Doublemint wrappers next to the hut on the west side of the lake. Its den is on the east side, but it doesn‘t matter because it makes rounds to every campsite. The bear is driven by sight more than smell now. Bring a bear canister, air horn and bear spray. Hanging your food is not sufficient.

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