Trailhead:  Lake Como (Blanca Pk)
Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  hikinsteady2
 Date of Info:  07/26/2015
 Date Posted:  07/31/2015
Status Update
Bear at Lake Como - was there for the disaster reported previous. Update - pack/remains of fly and all the trash was found that the bear took off with.
The young men who left it all didn‘t look that hard to find their stuff. On Saturday afternoon Two young men from CSU hiking with their Dad found all up in the woods - they were going to hike Little Bear the next day. They were going to try to carry it out on Sunday. Hopefully they could - way more weight then we could take on.
This is truly a human caused bear problem. Each day we made sure we collapsed our tent during the day- and hung our packs - if it is too close to tree and not 10 ft up you will get a bit or claw mark. Bear is now associating tents with food. Highly recommend only taking freeze dry food - any food products we carried up with us if it didn‘t fit in our bear vault. Bear vaults get visited but are worth the weight and expense. A group cooked "real" food on Saturday- they went far away from tents - but still had problems that night with a visit by their tents. We were there for 3 nights and ended up with just one claw mark on a pack.

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