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Road Difficulty

2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH. In spring, the upper portions of the road may require 4WD when wet.

Driving Directions

From Fairplay, drive just over a mile south on U.S. 285 and turn right onto County Road 18. Drive 10 miles to a large parking area at 11,250'. This is the Leavick site. There is a large mine building on the right before the parking area. The road starts to get rough after this point but passenger cars can slowly drive another 1.5 miles before the road gets harsh. There are a couple of small pull-offs between 11,700' and 11,900' and more parking before a gate near 12,000'. The gate is usually closed. In winter, the road is usually plowed only to 11,100' which is one mile below the Leavick site.

Winter Access

Closed near 11,100' below the Leavick site.
Status Updates 
Posted By: drop_bear
Info: Road is plowed and Subaruable to just past the Barco Mine. Didn’t notice anyone bother to go much further than this.
Posted By: BigWalk
Info: Snow is sparse, road was open all the way near the gate near 12,000, where a large snow drift blocks the road. 4WD probably required just before/beyond Leavick, with deep patches of uphill snow scattered.
Posted By: sdkeil
Info: Road is snow covered in some areas, but some people are making it the gate or just before the gate. AWD should have no problem with the current road conditions.
Posted By: wolfgangstiller
Info: Drove to about 100 yards before the summer TH (the gate). The road had pretty deep snow after about mile four and then after mile 8 got worse requiring a good 4wD vehicle with off road snow skills. We aired down our tires on our Tundra and the drive felt much better but others did not do that and made to the same spot. The last 100 yards are blocked by a huge drift. One Subaru Forester got stuck and had to be towed out about 3/4 of the way up the road.
Posted By: daway8
Info: CR18 was snow covered most of the way. Early in the morning there were only a few tracks and it was more or less a one way road much of the way unless you had a vehicle that could make fresh tracks in somewhat deep snow. Stopped at the Leavick site to do Horseshoe/etc but many went on towards Sherman. By late afternoon there were abundant tracks up/down the road and passing was much easier. 4WD road towards Horseshoe would not have be passable at all. 1.75mi added each way to do Horseshoe from Leavick (no good parking at the base of the 4WD road).
Posted By: HikesInGeologicTime
Info: We were only on the road up to the Horseshoe turn-off; not sure how much farther beyond that the road is passable. When we were on the way down, we saw a Subaru parked shortly below where we rejoined the main road. Enough tire tracks were present that the road should be doable up to Leavick for AWD/4WD vehicles with decent ground clearance.
Posted By: kalestew
Info: We were able to get our stock 03 Expedition about 100 yards below the fence at the top of Fourmile. Car camped up there ahead of an attempt up Horseshoe. It looks like most others that have been up Fourmile in recent weeks have stopped at Leavick, but you can absolutely get beyond that if you’re willing to work up the hill through a little bit of snow. We didn’t have much issue.

We hiked a side trail to the Horseshoe TH from this spot. Snow was deep, snowshoes were helpful especially on the road headed back to Fourmile proper. If you want to hike Horseshoe, you could park at the turnoff but the snow is too deep at this point to drive up.
Posted By: pucksandpeaks
Info: Easily drove all the way to the top where the gate is in my Alltrack (AWD station wagon). Most of the drive up was melted out with only a few sections of rutted snow.
Posted By: capetrekker
Info: Subaru-able all the way up to the turnoff to Horseshoe Mountain. I assume it’s clear even further up too.
Posted By: RWSchaffer
Info: The mile before Leavick has stretches of deeply tracked snow (Picture 1). Serious 4WD have been getting all the way to the closure gate at the end of the road (Picture 2). My 2WD hatchback parked a mile before the snow got deep, at a large, dry pull-out near the Fourmile Campground.
Posted By: wolfgangstiller
Info: Road is in great shape. The last mile is a bit rough but anything other than a low clearance vehicle should be OK. There are a few spots of icy snow but they aren’t a problem for even 2wd.
Posted By: didjapelli
Info: Mostly free of snow but this increases into big patches interrupted by dirt as you get closer to the gate. For anyone without 4WD, you might have some issues at the last stretch but I wouldn’t be surprized if anyone pushed on in 2WD.
Posted By: cougar
Info: Similar to previous report, parked at 11600 for FR 603 to Horseshoe. Most of the snow/ice on road is in flat areas with bare spots on one side or other. Looked a bit snowier up to the 12k gate, but I didn’t go up to Sherman, and short incline just above Leavick. Did fine in subaru with regular tires. Homes in area still inhabited.
Posted By: askwjs
Info: First 8 miles of the road were the usual. From there to summer TH was a mix of dirt, packed snow and ice. A couple of Subarus made it so it wasn’t terrible, just take your time for the last few miles. We parked at the turn off for Horseshoe, less than 1/2 mile from upper TH. When walking back down, we were glad to be wearing spikes on that section to keep our once steady as it was very icy to walk on.
Posted By: NativeTransplant
Info: Completely free of snow/ice; dry summer conditions all the way to the TH.
Posted By: Mzapo
Info: Clear to the gate. Made it in an awd dodge charger. Some large pot holes to be wary of but are all avoidable. High clearance not needed but would’ve been helpful to relieve the stress of being on pot hole watch for 8 to 10 miles. A bit muddy on the way back down but again nothing that should deter a trip up there.
Posted By: BROWNIE1037
Info: Bumpy trail road, but definitely doable in a 4WD. I am driving a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, no problem. Saw a Prius behind me that made it, but bottomed out a couple times. Guess he doesn’t like his car too much ;-)
Once you get to the gate at the end of the road, you can drive past it on the side (4WD), but honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Not because it is difficult, but because this is an old mining site and the old structures are just rotting away and there are sharp, rusty pieces of metal everywhere and nails just sticking out of the ground. Didn’t really want to change my tire up there. Also, you would only gain, probably 0.25 or 0.5 miles.
Posted By: CaptCO
Info: The road to Horseshoe mtn doesnt get much worse after the .5mi turnoff. I say you could easily drive to 12,500 if you made it that far in true 4x4, prior to the final switchbacks/steep section
Posted By: jordanthebuff
Info: After the Leavick site, the road gets a bit rougher. I think any car could make it to the main trailhead, but if you’re in a low clearance coupe or something, maybe consider stopping at the Leavick site depending on your comfort level with rough roads. It’s about 11 miles from the highway to the trailhead/gate.
Posted By: RickyDavis
Info: Dry to the gate, no trouble accessing it with FWD Mazda CX-5
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Forester was more than sufficient to take the nice long road up. All clear on Fourmile Creek until I turned off onto Silver Horseshoe Dr after the mine to try to make it up to the start of Horseshoe East Slopes (about 11,600’). One passable (narrow) snowfield on Silver Horseshoe Dr and then pretty close to route-description parking area there was an impassable snow field (or not one I would want to get stuck in, so I didn’t try). Plenty of space to park there, though.
Posted By: wolfgangstiller
Info: Road is clear of snow to the end (summer gate at 12,000 ft). Suitable for a 2wd vehicle if driven carefully.
Posted By: isu4life
Info: Road was easily passable all the way to the gate in an AWD vehicle (Subaru Outback). A few other SUV’s had also made the trip up. It did start snowing the day of the hike so conditions may have changed, but would expect it to be clear fairly quickly from melting.
Posted By: angry
Info: Made it all the way to gate at 12K.
Posted By: plasticman
Info: As the previous poster stated, the road is clearing quickly. I have the highest parking at about 11,700 now, about 1.2 miles past the mine. All thanks to the miner who cleared the road! Game on...

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