Lake Como (Blanca Pk) Trailhead


Road Difficulty

Difficult 4WD, requires modified 4WD vehicle (not stock) 6   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD access to 8,000' from the west via the Lake Como Road (off of Colorado 150). 4WD access to approx. 9,000' via the Lake Como Road. Severe 4WD (heavy modified vehicles or ATV only) access to 12,000' above Lake Como (via the Lake Como Road).

Driving Directions

From Colorado 160, east of Alamosa, turn north onto Colorado 150 toward Great Sand Dunes National Park. Drive over 3 miles and turn right onto Lake Como road (aka Blanca Peak road). The type of vehicle you are driving will determine how high you can park on Lake Como road. Most cars can drive about 1.5 miles up before it gets rough. 4WD SUVs and trucks can slowly make it 3.25 miles to several pull-offs at 8,800', before the road turns nasty. This is a popular parking spot and gets you within 4 miles of Lake Como. If you have a high-clearance, small, 4WD vehicle you might be able to drive to approximately 10,000'. An ATV or modified jeep/crawler can get to Lake Como but it depends on the driver.

Winter Access

Closed near 8,800 feet.
Status Updates 
Posted By: jmanner
Info: Dry, but not dusty, to around 10,000. Then its on and off deep faceted snow(particular on the dust exposed snow) to around 11,250 feet(after Jaws 3). Then continuous snow(except a few short sections) to the lake. The trail from the road to the cabin and camp sites is super unsupportive, the folks with snowshoes were hating life.

We drove to Jaws .5 in a Xterra Pro-4X: 9,800 feet or 2.5 miles from the lake. Although it was a nice exercise in how high I can get my car, it did not provide any time savings from just parking at 8,800.
Posted By: Eagle Eye
Info: Drove a high-clearance 4WD xterra ~3.2 miles up from the Colorado 150/Lake Como Road junction. The road is rocky but completely dry. This point (3.2 -3.4 miles) is where a trailhead register stand is located (no TH register in it but two full sets of keys and one single key) This is a popular upper summer camping/stopping/parking/turnaround point for unmodified 4WDs.
Posted By: Unknown
Info: Road is dry to about 9800‘, minus a small section of mud at 8000‘ and the occasional snow patch. After 9800‘ too much ice and snow to continue. Good parking / turn around spot at 9700‘ assuming you have the decent 4x4 to make it this far.
Posted By: SarahT
Info: Can’t drive more than 50 feet off of Highway 150. This is at approx 7600 feet.
Posted By: TomPierce
Info: Road is now completely dry, no snow at all. Lake has melted out, no snow at any campsites and only scattered patches higher up.
Posted By: Mooney Pilot
Info: The road to Lake Como is clear, but still lots of snow on Blanca, Ellingwood, and Little
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Up to 10,000’, the road is in summer condition then there are stretches of snow to Jaws 1 but we were still able to ride ATVs to that point. Continuing higher you’ll find larger snow patches and long stretches of dry road all the way to Lake Como.

Plenty of snow remains near and above the lake but it’s melting fast. The lake is still frozen but the stream has thawed out, providing a water source near the "Como Hotel."
Posted By: Kiefer
Info: One can drive their vehicle to about ~10,000ft. The road is dry at the bottom.
Patchy as you drive higher with mud increasing. Around 9,600ft, the road becomes icy and snowpacked with intermittent dirt patches.
Jaws 1 is completely snow covered.
Posted By: maverick_manley
Info: Snow tires and chains on a Nissan Pathfinder got us to ~8940’. Wheels spun after that. ATVs buzzed higher. The storm of 12/31/12 - 1/1/13 dropped about 6"-1’ on the road. Road still has some protruding rock which will make skinning / skiing difficult but not impossible. I for one wished I‘d brought my skis.
Posted By: Unknown
Info: Got to 9500‘ in a lifted Jeep Wrangler, with not much trouble at all. Probably could have made it past Jaws .5 but didn‘t want to push it. This may all be worthless info with snow expected in the area the next couple days.
Posted By: EKassan
Info: Very rocky road, especially the lower parts, but doable to good 4WDs to at least 9000‘ and maybe until Jaws 1 at about 10,500‘. That said, driving it is no fun, so start hiking when you get tired of driving it.
Posted By: Tango2Hotel
Info: You really Need to Pay attention to that 3 mile marker, there currently is no sign for the trailhead.
Posted By: thatnissanguy
Info: Road clear to Jaws 1. Not sure about after that but conditions were very dry.
Posted By: Coniferite
Info: Clear and dry (minor stream crossings) all the way to Lake Como.
Posted By: tmathews
Info: Road is easily hikable. The creek is running high, though, so if you don‘t have waterproof shoes and gaiters, you‘re going to get wet feet.

Also, for those looking to drive up to the lake -- the road is not completely passable to vehicles yet. Early in the morning, there are a few areas of soft snow and ice. Vehicles may be able to cross in the afternoon when these areas are softer. Past the last Jaws obstacle, I didn‘t see any evidence of vehicular travel. There is also a pretty big drift in the road proper right as you get to the lake that would prevent access.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Drove to the parking spots at 8,800’, 3.25 miles up the road. Dry to that point. Slow going but no problem with my pickup.
Posted By: tmathews
Info: Was able to make it to 8,800 feet. Road continues to be dry up until that elevation. There is one tough spot where the road dips down that poses an issue when driving out because of ice. I did not get enough momentum prior to this section and ended up getting stuck. Fortunately, I was able to winch myself uphill. If you gain enough speed prior to this section, you can probably coast up. I think it‘s about 100 feet or so. Where we parked is 4.15 miles from the shelter at Lake Como.
Posted By: mountainmicah83
Info: With a 2WD drive jeep cherokee, we made it to about 8,800‘ where you dip down and then the road starts to get nasty. Up to that point there was not really any snow. A stock 4WD of equal or better quality should be able to make it another 1/2-1 mile through mixed mud, snow, and rock.

The photo is the road 1-2 miles from where we parked. Someone with a 4 wheeler turned around just before this point. The trail is bootable w/o snowshoes almost all of the way to Lake Como and then there is a trench almost to blue lake that is nice to have snowshoes on.
Posted By: Dancesatmoonrise
Info: The bottom of the road is dry to 8800 feet. From there to 10,300, there‘s variable snow up to half a foot. Shady north aspect areas from there to Como Lake have about a foot of powder. Floatation essential.
Posted By: mountainmicah83
Info: Road dry to about .5 miles below Jaws 1. Very Icy below Jaws 3 for a ways. Looking at about 6" around como lake and maybe 18" on the steep section towards blue lake.
Posted By: unclegar
Info: The road is basically clear to the lake. No snowshoes needed for the road.
Posted By: vorticity
Info: This is a late Spring report, so the conditions will change quickly. Road is open to Jaws 1 without much snow. A good 4WD could probably make it to that spot, though there is no place to park. We needed snow shoes about 1/4 mile before we got to the Lake. On the way back to the car after climbing Little Bear, about 30 percent of the road and converted into a stream from snow melt.
Posted By: George Kaplan
Info: Just wanted to update that the road is still completely snow/ice-free up to Lake Como as of today. Of course, the road grade is still terrible. It looked like the highest parked 4WD vehicle I saw was about 3.5 miles in.
Posted By: darklich14
Info: I drive a stock 2005 4Runner (4th gen I guess?) with Michelin A/T tires. Anyway, I was able to make it to 8800 ft I could have pushed further, but I was starting to scrape here and there. I‘ve got some basic skid plates, but unless you plan on some light damage to your truck (or you have better skidplates, etc), I wouldn‘t plan on getting much higher than that. I‘ve got 9" ground clearance at the lowest point, and some rocks on the trail (if you‘re not willing to move them) can be a good 12 inches tall. If you want to take it slow and move some obstacles, you can probably make it to about 10000 ft, and that will save you a good mile and a half of hiking.
Posted By: Lyssah
Info: As of the weekend after 4th of July, Lake Como is as it always is in summer. There were no washouts, no extreme mud, and Jaws .5, 1, and 2 are still scarier than hell. I have no idea how people get over that crap. If you try it, God be with you.

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