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Posted By: blazintoes
Info: Got permission to park on site. First 1/2 mile is packed. Beyond that is rough where snowshoes can be helpful to disperse snow and save energy but the deadfall is pretty bad so navigating through with multiple gear transitions wastes a lot of time and effort. Made it to the Prow viewing but with sunny skies baking the snow, attempting the south gully seemed fruitless. Maybe this next round of snow will be helpful?
Posted By: stoopdude
Info: There’s not a lot of recent or useful on this TH so I just wanted to add.

I emailed to request permission to access this trail, and they replied in the affirmative within a matter of hours. They let me park on their property and sent me a map to navigate thru their property. There was absolutely zero hassle to this other than sending a 2 line email.

It also appears that there is the alternate "sneaky" route that people use, parking in a pull-off on Camino Baca Grande right where Spanish creek crosses the road. It is probably a half mile from this parking area to where the Zen Center route joins up with it.

All this to say, it appears you can do this with or without permission, but I decided to ask and it was really easy!

This trail is steep and faint with lots of deadfall and overgrowth, but well-cairned in the most confusing areas. Trail fades to nothing around treeline.
Posted By: Monster5
Info: Dry up to 11k. Patchy thin above. Incredibly dry across the range. No flotation necessary from the west.
Posted By: spadflyer12
Info: Permission to access this trail can be obtained by contacting Sophie at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center: I and several others have had luck obtaining permission to access the TH through their property. They will likely request that you park at their parking lot, not build any fires on their property, and respect the creek as it is their only water sourece.
Posted By: wmfolk
Info: This public trail crosses private property before entering National forest lands. The private property owners place a very high value on quiet and their private property rights. There are no facilities on this trail and camping or building a fire are prohibited. Deviating from the trail is trespassing on private property.
Posted By: wmfolk
Info: Public Hearing Oct. 20, 2008 at the Saguache County Courthouse at 0900 hrs. to prove prescriptive historic public access to Spanish Creek trail from the Baca Grande subdivision.
Posted By: Unknown
Info: This trail; as well as the Cottonwood Creek trail; will remain closed to public access during the 2008 climbing season due to private property at the trailhead. The property owner has asked not to be contacted to grant access. There are some ongoing discussions about access to these two trails convened by Saguache County government. CMc is a participant. However, the discussion process is in a very early stage.

Steve Bonowski
June 16, 2008
Posted By: vermonster
Info: The first mile of the trail can be lost quite easily with the encroachment of VERY thorny bushes.

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